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Mori Lynx

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...I am drooling over the hipster dad...

How do I get all 8 endings?

aww the last character tho...*sulk* owe well..

I remember this...I was a patreon before. so its finally finished?

I just read the patreon campaign...ok I'll wait. *september 29 hit*  Back in my day we had horses pulling wagons, not these four wheeled death traps... 

how do I pre-order this? *pulls out a wad of cash*...

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The problem had to do with the purchase, or should I say my choice to pay. I  never had a problem with my card before but when I tried to do the purchase the  game an error popped up  that denied my payment. I tried it the three times  and then the next thing you know the error stopped and seemed to have went through. But  when I went through my collection  it wasn't there. I had to re-enter my card  and purchase it again in order for it to be finally go through. Thank god that I wasn't charged twice for it but it scared the heck out of me. I don't think its the game but itch.i.o itself or a hacker which I pray its not the case.

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umm...I seem to have a problem with my purchase..when I paid for it, it gave me an issue three times. but the next time it seemed to have gone through...then nothing.

for some reason I can't play the game. When I am in the tutorials I am stuck in the combat scene and the top of the screen seems glitched.  

how can I pre-order the game?

I tried using the mac version but for some reason when I do the battle tutorial  I am like frozen and screen is big.

ok thank you for your time :D

will tghere be a mac version?

Hello there, I am a Mac guy who likes to . By any chance will there be a mac version for this game and the other? >///>