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This is so kind! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I accidentally made the downloadable file hidden, fixed now

Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

So cool! Thank you for making this.

This is so lovely. And yes, the Oubliette Situation could go in a truly wild number of directions.

Sweet I just wanted to ask first 🎉


I just wrote/laid out/arted an adventure and am curious if it is allowed to be entered since it’s not it’s own game, it’s an adventure for other games.

Very excited to read this!

This is very neat! I can’t wait to read it. Also: the pdf seems to be locked so you can’t print the file.

Thank you for this feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game overall and thank you for checking it out

It totally was but I’m slowing down and drawing stuff which has been restorative. Thank you for your kind words!

I am playing in a game of this now and it’s been incredible! Super dynamic game, really interesting stakes, intergalactic politics and maneuvering are very fun

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Verses: The Last Blade lets you go on a quest wielding a dead god-sword and you might be cursed? I cannot recommend it more highly.

Playlist created by Blinking Birch games.

I loved the playlist Blinking Birch Games made for Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard. It’s dynamic and really enhances the tone of the game. Wonderful to work with, creative, kind, couldn’t recommend more.

Thanks to the Weekly Scroll for featuring Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard

What an incredible resource

I run a Spelljammer campaign and I think this is so fantastic! I can’t wait to use it.

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Material Culture

Striga, Faun


  • Stone, Wood Bone and Horn, Skins, Hair and Wool, Clay, Plant Fiber
  • Copper
  • Advanced with Wood


The basic architectural style is split log longhouses. They are known to create homes for times or trouble in the trees of their heavily wooded forest area.


The culture honors the lunar phases specifically the Crescent Moon and New Moon. They call the Crescent Moon the Blessed Smile, stolen away by the Shadow of the New Moon, a time for caution.

The Time of the Smile is a celebration of great feasting, joy and dancing. The Shadow Time is celebrated by a festival where children dress as the Smiling Man or the Shadow and chase one another. The Smiling Man is a devilish trickster.

Virtue and Value

This culture values personal cunning. Cunning has helped their people survive in the great forest and brought the early Soviety together. Their society values Freedom. What this looks like is that every person contributes to the community but is expected to develop an interest of personal significance, a spark. They balance exploring their spark with supporting the needs of the community.

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is a solo prompt-based journaling game where you create a Sun Guard and travel alone on a quest, attempting to hold to your Code until you reach the end, facing trials and complications along the way.

You are the last Sun Guard. Will you take up the mantle and ride the ancient roads?

What folks are saying about the game

“ What’s really cool about this one is it captures a sense of the heroic and mythological that often doesn’t actually come through in TTRPGs. A lot of TTRPGs are nominally about going on a quest, but this one is really about going on a quest.“ - @SeedlingGames

Dungeons and Dilemmas is a tool I always turn to when writing an adventure. It is written in a very easy to parse manner and simplifies the process of creating something evocative and thoughtful.

I will do my material culture this weekend!

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G2 Culture with two Kith, Striga, Faun

I just did a play of this and completely loved it. The dynamic of slowly uncovering your own nature center was fantastic. By the time I had figured out where I landed my prompt responses made the ending I got feel completely awesome and earned. Great game!


C5 Ice Wastes with Frozen Birds Early Jotnar settlements. Ice Fishing.

On the coastline of the frozen wastes resided the Jotnar. Proud, tall and strong, they were highly efficient ice fisher people, spearing their prey with sharpened bone harvested from the abundant fossils throughout their lands. One can still find the remains of their fishing hovels on the ice and the caves where they dried the meat.

I will grab my Kith after work sorry all!

Can’t wait to play this!

Thank you for your kind words! I hope to release very soon once I have all the playtest notes in and can get in all my revisions and final proofreading.

Lots of little guys eat the eggs and 1 or 2 predators eat the little guys

I think they eat plants and stuff. Herbivores.

I think the flaps might cover a long roll up probiscus so they can drink like cactus water and deep wells.

Sounds good!

I think some tissue remains!

G-7 This is an arid desert steppe, hot and sandy. It is the home to large lizards with leathery skin and large layered hide flaps that cover their more vulnerable heads. They are quite large and can can carry up to 600 lbs. Their hides can be tanned and they lay large eggs that provide sustenance to others in the ecosystem.


This region is full of icy wastes cresting and creating enormous hills and mountains of frozen water and stone. One can see frozen within the ice the giant fossils of great birds with enormous wing spans that easily would block sunlight as they flew over. Their beaks are cruelly sharp and full of wicked teeth. They are centrally located around the greatest ice floe in the barrens, a landmark.

G7, C6

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I don’t want bug people. I agree with yours.

Levi. Yes.

I just got this on drive thru from my secret Santa and it is very cool

that’s so sweet thank you!

I might try to run yours! I will let you know if I do