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hopefully you'll have some free time to work on some more amazing games soon! and I hope you aren't stressing yourself out any, make sure to take some time to focus on the amazing things in life if you can, and feel it'd help! have a great day, I hope all is well  :)

I've been following this project for a few months and I just have to say I LOVE THE PROGRESS THAT IS BEING MADE, EVERYONE WORKING ON THIS IS DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB AND I LOVE THE FACT IT'S OPEN SOURCE. please keep up with the great and amazing work, I'm so proud of everyone working on this, I hope everyone who works on this game and is reading this will have an amazing day. I hope all is well, thank you for making this game, and making it open source, it means a lot to newer devs like me :)

I'm sorry for the late response, I always say I'll respond soon and it ends up being years. but I look forward to seeing anything you put out! you seem like a really amazing dev, so I can't wait to see all the great projects you'll put out :)

also, random thing to ask, but have you thought about making a minecraft or farmer game in godot? 

it looks amazing! I can't wait to see all the amazing models you put out :)

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two words, THANK YOU! I'm so happy to have my hands on this amazing games source code, and I know I'll have a blast editing it. I can't wait to see what else you'll make down the road, and thank you for being so kind. I hope you have an amazing day :)

also, are you working on any new games? or working on anything as of this moment? or plan to? just asking as I'd love to check it out whenever you release whatever project you're working on, and I'm sorry if I sound or seem rude any

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really love this game, found myself playing this quite often trying to beat it. it's honestly one of my more favorite games on itch, as I think it works really well as a horror game.  so thank you for making this, you did a great job. and thank you for open sourcing this game, I was so happy to find this game open source, but there is a little issue as when I try to access the source on gitlab, it sadly says I need an account for it, which really does suck as it doesn't ask me for such on any other project I've seen, of course, it may just be a bug, as I don't normally use gitlab, or maybe it's a setting for projects, I'm not sure as I try to stick to github. so I was just wanting to ask why it does such? and is there anyway I can download it without an account as I really like this game, and would love to add upon it, and also learn from it. and is it okay to ask if there is anyway to fix this? and/or you can maybe reupload it, or move it to github? if you do have to reupload it, is it okay to ask if you can keep it in whatever version it's in? but anyways, thank you for reading, and I'm sorry if I was rude any, hope all is well, and thank you again, and I'm sorry if I'm asking too much, or if this is a bother. have a nice day :)
side note, pretty sure you changed your gitlab username, so the link needs to be updated as it still has the old username, anyways, thanks again for reading! another side note, this is a hidden gem, have a great day :)

of course it's okay! thank you so much, and thank you for being so kind, and no need for the thank you, I'm just saying what I think :)

you seem like a very outgoing person, and thank you so much for even reading this, and even writing them down, it means a lot! I really look forward to see all the things you create :)

thank you so much for the kind words, they mean a lot :)

no need for the sorry, I understand. and I hope life is going well, and you aren't stressing out at all. and no need, thank you for responding . take all the time you need!

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I would love tutorial videos, they would be very helpful. and just to suggest some themes.

post apocalyptic, bunker, sewer, soviet union era russian apartment/russian park, graveyard, road trip, forest, winter, cabin/off the grid living, and maybe christmas? fallout? animals/rodents? 

I know these may not be ideas, but they are themes to help bring in new ideas! so I hope this does help. if I get any more ideas, I'll be sure to list them here! 

I would love to see some kind of winter theme sometime if that's okay, as ps1 items/furniture/appliances with a winter theme is always so nice to look at. thank you for taking your time to read this, and just getting back into modeling overall, it's nice to see such a talented person make some great assets again!

thank you so much, really glad to hear that, this means a lot to devs, and people who love the style of ps1. I can't wait to see all the amazing things you make, and keep in mind you can take all the time you want, and I hope this won't ever be a stressful thing for you. remember, mental health is important. I hope all is well

I'm sorry to hear that, but the fact you've made this while dealing with such,  and at such a high quality is really impressive. great job, and I believe in you, and thank you for the response, I hope all is well 

thank you, and I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you have time to focus on your mental health. but glad to hear you're beginning to feel more free to do stuff. thank you, it's nice to know where I can stay updated, and you even have a website, honestly, it seems like you have a lot figured out, and even seem professional. but I understand, I honestly don't blame you. I've seen how insane discord users are. and I hope you're taking care of your health, and thank you, please stay well. thank you for being so kind, and I hope all is well

a little side note, if you ever need anything, or want to chat, feel free to add me on discord, the username is "WeirdandGeneric". 

I agree, they are very cute, and terrifying, just as all cute animals are

really love the style, and gameplay, it feels very nostalgic. I really hope you're doing well, and hope you'll someday come back to this, or at least give an update on if you're okay. I hope all is well, thank you for making the game

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no need for the thank you, I was just speaking my mind, thank you for reading. and I'm happy you're happy that I liked this experience. and while that's true for many games, this was a special case, as this had something many games don't, meaning. an express of feelings, something many can relate to in some form or another. but I'm really happy to hear everything is so much better as of the time of that post, I hope it still is. and I'm sorry to hear you were in a quite sad place at that time, but hey, I'm happy you got past it, and you're stronger because of it. and thank you, that makes me smile, I really hope all the best. you seem to deserve good things, and you seem really kind, and caring, with your heart in the right place. 

and overall, thank you, once again, I smiled, but trust me, I'm really not that cool. but I'm so happy this meant that much to you, I'll be sure to check out any games you put out, and just know you matter, and you have my support. and I'm sorry for the late response, I truly am. I hope all is well. and overall, great game, I enjoyed playing the game quite a lot 

I'm sorry for the late response, if it's okay to ask, what's the name? I'd love to check it out, as long as it's still up of course. and it must be surreal to work on your first ever game again, kinda like seeing an old friend, but I'm looking forward to seeing these games you're working on, I know if you make them, they'll be high quality, and for sure fun. but you're spending time on a unique framework/engine?  your whole style is already unique, and now you're making an engine/framework on top of that? I wonder how unique you can truly get at this point. but overall, I know this framework/engine will be amazing, and crazy impressive. honestly, I could never even think about doing what you're doing, so you're either crazy talented, or crazy smart, or both, I'm thinking both. anyways, I hope nothing but the best with all of this, I know it must be crazy difficult, at least imo. but for you, maybe it's quite easy, who can say. and since this response is a little late, have you got a proper stable version of it? but thank you as well, it means a lot that you responded, and once again I'm sorry for the late response, thank you for being kind, and overall being funny as well, just saying, you seem to have an amazing sense of humor. but I'd love to keep up to date with all the things you're working on, and the progress you're making, is there someway I can do such? like a discord, twitter? and have a good one as well, I hope you're doing well, and make sure to take care of yourself

I'm sorry for the late response, I've seen 1 game drop, and another is a lighting demo, overall you're doing great, better then I could do at least. but 3 in the works? that's crazy impressive, I can't even stay on one game, and finish it, yet you're about to spend 2 years "probably in dev time, or longer, or shorter, who knows" is just beyond crazy to a newer dev like me, maybe I rush things too much, and overall just get discouraged at the progress, and lack of my abilities. but hey, the abilities is just one thing, having faith in yourself is another. so great job, I can't image spending a long time on any game can be easy, so I hope nothing but the best for you, and your games. but I look forward to more of your games, even more so the horror ones, hopefully in a ps1 style of course. but thank you for explaining it, I was confused on what a tool-chain was. you seem crazy talented, and impressive to work on 3 games, and to be building out a tool chain. and I'm looking forward to the remake, and I'll make sure to check out the video, thank you for letting me know. 

I understand, and overall I'm glad games are liable to change, I feel like you should work on a game that you truly want to work on, and enjoy. and I'm sorry to hear you barely get any money, but who can say, I'm sure more people will check out your games, and it'll go from barely, to some, to a good bit. it may just take time. but I think you should always follow that thought, do whatever you want with games, as putting your heart behind the game will make it infinite times better, and plus, not every person is gonna like your game, or the way I speak, or like just about anything, every human is one of a kind, and having people love and hate your game comes with that. I think the people who love your games will share your mindset, at least, imo. but like I said, make sure games have passion, put something out you had fun making, and you feel proud of,  never feel forced to put out games eithers, the games we make are apart of us, and show us who we are, and how we think in many ways, at least, imo, and while I'm sure you know all of is, and it's such a simple thing, it still holds true. it's amazing how enjoyable a game can be from just some passion and love put behind it. anyways, enough of me ranting on, I hope all is well, I hope you're taking your time with your games, and having fun. and make sure to take care of yourself, making games, and focusing on them allows you to just forget about life, and time itself. so it's important you take some time for yourself, of course, it may be only me who'll pour hours into thinking about making a game, and try to make it just to have a deformed world come out of nowhere with bugs. I'm sorry for the rants, once again, I hope all is well, thank you for being an amazing dev, and I'll be sure to stay up to date with the games you push out the best I can. hopefully there isn't any pressure, but then again, I'm just a random person. anyways, you're doing great, and I can't wait to see more games you make, have a nice day 

sent, thank you again

it sounds like your heart is in the right place, thank you again. you really seem like a great person, and I honestly can't wait to see more games made by you. and I'm glad to see you apart of the community. the kind people like you are the reason I keep trying to learn godot, and love using it, and supporting godot entirely. so thank you again, you really are amazing, and I really hope you're doing well, but I know this response is late, and I'm sorry for that. thank you again, I really hope all is well 

another thing to add is, you're very kind. but if you're not a professional artist, then I fear what you being a professional artist would look like. as you're already better then 99% of people who make psx models, and they even charge money for them. and it shows that it's a hobby, as it really seems like it has a lot of passion behind it. and when there is  passion, there is often high quality in ways you wouldn't expect. and I have a few ideas to suggest, if it's okay to ask, do you have discord? thank you again for being so kind, and I hope all is well, and that you're doing great always 

very amazing assets, really love this, so if it's okay to ask, why make only one pack? I'd be more then happy to see more packs like this made from you, as long as that's okay of course 

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what do you mean cursed? THEY ARE SO CUTE, I want one as a pet 

you make such amazing, and high quality, accurate ps1 models, why make so little if that's okay to ask? I'd love to see packs and more stuff from you in the ps1 style, as long as you have time of course, I hope all is well, thanks again for making amazing assets 

really love this, thank you, and I have to ask, is there going to be a sacritober 2023? I hope all is well, thanks again

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happy early halloween, and great job on making amazing assets like always. really love this, and always love the style of ps1 you make. it truly feels accurate, and nostalgia. at this point, when I think of the ps1 style, your models come to mind. I'd love to see more models from you, and thank you for being such a kind person, and such a down the earth person overall. thank you for giving away such amazing, prefect assets in such large quantity and quality that it's beyond anything I've seen, you're very talented.  overall, I'm glad to be one of many that uses your assets for games, showcases, and anything else. once again, amazing job, I hope all is well 

also, I wanted to quickly ask, what kinda games are you working on at the moment?

thank you for responding, I'm going to quickly ask, what kinda games are you working on at the moment? you always seem pretty passionate with your games, and they always seem to have care put into them. and a little side note, thank you again for open sourcing your game, it helps new devs like me, so it's always meaningful and helpful. it's also nice to see how kind you are. and It's always nice to look back on games, and who knows, it may give you new ideas. make sure to stay well, and don't go stressing yourself out. if you ever need anything, or want to update me on any new games, feel free to message me anytime, or reply to this post. I'd love to see all the games you're working on. and a little side note, thank you to you, and all the people who worked on this game, and helped make it possible. I hope all is well 

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I'm sorry for the late response, and I'm glad they gave you a happy tear, as I was just expressing what I was thinking, thank you for taking the time to listen. and thank you for letting me know about the new game, I'm looking forward to seeing it when it releases. I'm happy to see you're still open sourcing games, but make sure to not feel forced to do such. kindness shouldn't be forced, you know? I think you're a nice dev, who cares a lot, I'd just hate it if making games ever felt stressful in any form. of course, I know those words may not mean much, but they still come from the heart. but thank you for open sourcing your games again, and even taking the time to respond. and being being kind, I'm happy to see such a nice dev, and I truly hope you'll be okay in life. have a nice day, and feel free to let me know if you need anything. and a little side note, no need for the thank you, I was just expressing my thoughts, and gratitude. have a nice day again, and thank you again.

I'm just being honest, thank you for taking the time to make these games, and even be kind enough to open source them. even if the code is a "mess", it's still amazing and useful for new devs like me, it allows us to learn, and get a better idea of how to make our games. and plus, the atmosphere is pretty amazing. but I'm glad godot, and has you, as you're an amazing dev, and you've given a lot back, and helped newer devs for sure. I can't wait to see what else you'll make, and thank you again for open sourcing your games. I hope all is well, and please let me know whenever you work on a new game, I'd love to check it out, have a nice day

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I think a lot of people care, they just don't really care to say. but I appreciate you making these games open source, and allowing peoples dreams of making a game to come true in a quicker, and better way. I think finding games that are open source is always enjoyable, even more so for new devs, myself included, it's difficult to make a game that we truly want to, as we lack the knowing of how to. but people like you, who open source their games not only are kind enough to give their games out, but it also allows us, newer devs to create games we truly would struggle with, and would take months to create down to just days, and it even allows us to learn far quicker as we see what we're making/learning from infront of us. to even being able  to play it, and slightly change it and see the outcome. I'm sorry no one has spoke out about how meaningful your games are as far as open source goes, but I hope you can see just how meaningful it is now. as making games is an art form, something that we humans use as a way to express, and grow in some form, but that's just imo. but I'm glad you intend on making more games, but honestly, I relate to what you're saying, no matter what, I always find myself thinking about how to make a game, how to work on it, and where to go with it. it's truly something that won't go away, it's something amazing, and it's funny how I also can't keep sane if I don't work on a game, it's pretty funny seeing it come from another person. and of course, I think all of your games will have some form of helpful use, you just have to know where to look, and how to see it. but great job, I can't wait to see what else you'll make, and I hope you're doing well. and I hope people have expressed how meaningful your games are, and I hope I've shown you that your games are meaningful, open source or not. but I think you already knew your games were meaningful as is, I at least hope so

the atmosphere is amazing, but overall the game is weird at least to me, and slightly buggy. but thank you for making the game open source, have a great day, and I hope all is well 

this is an amazing game, very well done. and I wanted to say thank you for open sourcing it. I hope all is well, and thank you for the effort and time you put into this game. it's truly great, and the atmosphere, and art is amazing, thank you again, have a nice day

I remember finding this game, and loving the atmosphere. I'm glad you open sourced it, but I also wanted to say, thank you for making a game that's expressing how you feel, I'm happy you did. it's great to express how you feel, through drawing, making games, or writing. I hope all is well, and just know if you ever need anything, feel free to let me know, I'm always happy to help anyone. have a great day, and I can't wait to see what other games you make

I remember looking through open source godot games, and I found this. it's one of the few 3d open source godot games I've seen, and overall something great to learn from. so thank you for open sourcing it, plus, it's a horror game, horror is always fun. it means a lot seeing how much you've given back to the community, and I'm thankful has you making games. I look forward to seeing all the games you make, and I hope all is well.