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This is incredibly adorable omg! It is equally cute but also so weird in the best way haha

This is super cute, the art is adorable and the ghosts are so spoopy! We love us a wizard with a gun :3

A super cute game with a super cool mechanic! Amazing work :3

This is so so cute! The cutscenes are absolutely the highlight of my day~ :3

Such cute little guys running around collecting wheat, it's small but super polished so I had a great time collecting islands :)

Hahaha right, I was really feeling like that this weekend (even though the suffering was self inflicted :P)
Of course there are cats in hell hehe. Thank you for the absolutely lovely comment! It's so sweet seeing familiar names~

Thank you so much for the sweet comment, it means the world and it totally made my day reading this first thing this morning!! 

That is definitely something we need to work on balancing with all our story games, thank you for the advice and hopefully we will figure out the perfect settings for our future games :3

You are more than welcome, it is our programmers magic that makes things like this possible but it is really important to me too so it warms my heart to see comments like this! 

Thank you for your lovely comment and I am glad you had fun! Stay tuned for some more cool stuff coming in the next few months (how I wish I could just make indie games all day haha) :3

Ahahaha this absolutely made my day and is exactly how we felt making this game!

thank you! ^^

This is a great concept and I love the super chill vibes, I cant wait to see where this is going :)

This is such a great concept, it definitely made me feel great and I just love the nostalgia drawings lol ^^

This is such a feel good game... until you drop one, the way my jaw dropped when it said "last time you made me tea I tipped it away" *gasps in uk household* jokes aside this is really great :)

This feels great! I love the swinging around heavy objects and the tiny ones I can use to readjust a little, and the worm sound effect is super cute, great job! :)

This is super nice, I adore the wheatley in the side of a couple of levels!

super cute game I absolutely love collecting the loot, I'm not normally one for rythm games but this was pretty fun :)

Simple but super cute :) and the loot is adorable!

The animations are super neat, something about the walking fish just cracks me up, great job! :)

It took a minute to get the hang of the controls but the tail flip is so satisfying, I love getting multiple fish in one go! Amazing job :)

omg this is so adorable, I love everything about it! ^^

super cute concept I struggled to figure out how it worked in the beginning but once I did it was pretty fun, great job! :)

The art is super cute and the cat pics are 20/10 :3

Oh my gosh your room is absolutely adorable!! I just love seeing all the cool thing players come up with! <3 And thank you so much for the lovely feedback as well, it means the wold!!

Thank youuu :)

Thank you! I am glad that you had a good time playing :)

Aww thank you so much! I am glad our choices helped you feel connected, I thought the same when making it ^^ 

Haha, have fun exploring the library of jams, there are loads at this point :3

Thank you for the kind words and that is totally fair, thank you for still playing our game :)

Jams do be like that, scope is the final boss haha: Still amazing work though ^^

Thank youuuu! That was absolutely the inspiration haha! 

Thank you so much for the lovely comment and feedback! I am glad you had a good time playing~ ^^

Thank you!! :) We used Yarn Spinner for the typewriter effect, it is super nifty I highly recommend it! 

Help a lonely ruler on their quest for companionship!  

A small interactive story filled with silly misunderstandings and the cutest cats (and cat adjacent animals) and of course a space duck! Because who doesn't love a space duck~

.・゜゜・ ·̩̩̥͙ ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚* .·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ ✩ *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ .  ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙.・゜゜・

A tiny game made with a lot of love, feel free to leave your feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts ^^

Aww thank you so much for the kind feedback!!! I just cannot resist a little interactive story, I had The Little Prince playing in the background and it clearly was an inspiration haha :)

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! I am glad you liked our silly little interpretation ^^

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Thank you so much I am glad you liked the atmosphere we tried something a bit different this time so I am glad it is well received :)

Thank youuu! I tried my best~

Thank you! Always aiming to make people smile :)

Thank youuu! I am glad you had a good time playing :3

This is a perfect little game hahaha

This is the most glorious game  I have ever played hahaha. I was all like aww this is so cute and relaxing and then the end lmao