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I know this isn't an idea but will you still be going ahead with your "modern" warfare game cause I know you said you were thinking of it and also then all the ideas for modern and futuristic weapons and vehicles can be added

by the way I have been a fan of your games ever since ancient warfare 1 came out and introduced all my friend and I find it cool how much the game has change and was always waiting for the next update

I got have gotten the demo after I had this problem and it works fine so abit annoyed I can only play the demo

I downloaded this game and doesn't let me past the name screen

hey JNI you thx for another amazing game

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I found a secret once you accuse him for being the murderer you can talk to a new person andwhen most people just go out side and end the game but I cant find the coin, is this I bit of a secret?

in the next update will you fix the undo problem because you cant undo people after there been used In a fight