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strange! I'll look into it!

HI! Strange that you did not manage to attack! Did you try to lock on?
Thanks for your review!

You sound very preachy :P

But you're not wrong. I don't really do small games though. The genres it generally allows for just don't interest me.

I got myself stuck in several places. Is there a way to reset yourself? I used to claw to drop myself away from the console, for example.

You'll be happy to know that I've fixed these issues for a post-jam update release. Thanks again :)

HI Dron, please let me know what bugs you found so I can attempt to fix them in the future? Thanks for your support! :)

I didn't realize I was running out of time until I was at scale. Thanks!

Yeah, you basically nailed it. The only thing is that in places it can be advantageous to play a few cards -> move -> play the rest of your cards. Though this mostly holds with the base decks of the Pink and Yellow characters.

Did you play the teleport card on the yellow character?

There might be continuance in future, but I'd have to see if anything fundamentally broken is found during the rating period :)

Strange. I will look into it. May be a resolution thing, always tricky to test for.

Thanks for the feedback. I developed it for fullscreen, so I didn't get much testing done in the smaller screen.

Hard how? Flicker? Too small? Bad font?

Did the text/icons on the cards not show? I agree that a tutorial is really needed :)

Thanks! I went for RBY instead of RGB because I wanted to evoke the feeling of mixing paint, not light.

Nothing? Clicking any tile does not work? Could you be more specific so I can try to fix it?

It's really pretty. For a game about a block, you know? :P

Seriously though, it looks good and sounds nice. The gameplay is really punishing, but I feel that was the goal. Those skulls home in like crazy, and the platforming is the definition of 'blind jump' xD

That was quite a nice quick diversion to get those 10 yellows. It's cute, even if it has some awkwardnesses. 

Like, I wish I could toggle off the lower value slimes when the higher ones become available -- they started to clutter. 

I also left the game running for a while, and at some point it just died with how many slimes there were. Is there no spawn cap?

Finally.... 'Catched' :P

Still, cute and quick, and surprisingly respectful of my time for a clicker :)

Is there a discord or something? With a jam this long I will need a community...

There are testers? Seems this is more pro than I thought.

I was hoping to submit a Randomizer-type experience. Those get raced a lot, as the randomness is based on experience and educated pursuit of gain potential. Would such be accepted?

I understand. Though, are you implying people in the EU don't work? :P

Is this a game jam? Or a call for papers?

So, Why does this start after midnight?

That assumes a lot then. I cannot make my own art, but I can easily make my own sound(s). I would always use stock art.

Why do sounds need to be credited specifically? Why not images, models or music? Fonts?

Wow. This was a really thorough review. Thank you so much! I will certainly take all your comments on board for the future :)

All fair comments, and unfortunately none I had not considered. Had I been a better designer I may have even thought of solutions to some of those! :D

(1 edit)

Yeah, if you are moving the camera will try to get behind you. If you're standing still you should have full control though.

The camera getting stuck is a known glitch, but I felt it was rare enough that it wasn't really worth figuring out. Sorry it happened to you. :)
Luckily, returning to title screen and then hitting continue will always fix it.

Yeah, and one piece starts ON TOP of the puzzle :)

Whenever I tried to move the piece, it just snapped back though...

(1 edit)

Finished the demo. Ran into some strange things, like a jigsaw piece that was overlapping the mirror from the start and wouldn't be moved, as well as sometimes picking up several pieces at once.

Being sent back to the start after getting the second riddle wrong was also a tad frustrating.

Spacebar also seemed to be an undocumented control to advance text. I kept hitting A when talking to the hand mirror, and thought I'd gotten stuck in a dialogue loop. Turns out I was just restarting the dialogue every time until I randomly tried to hit Space.

For what it's worth: Audio worked fine in the web version.

That was a nice creepy little mystery, though I must admit I don't quite understand the (either) ending.

Only problem is even maxed out the text speed was a bit slow for me :)

I never made it past the first wave. I feel embarrassed.

You should probably wrap the download in a zip to avoid triggering the virus alerts, too.

Are you supposed to only die in 2-3 hits? That bit was confusing.

That was quite nice.

The movement felt a bit clunky at times, and the lack of an obvious way to regain health made the whole thing feel fairly stressful. The amount of progress made per fight also felt like a bit of a slog.

But it's pretty. Very very pretty.

(1 edit)

I played this on a desktop (not a smartphone :O), and walking around worked surprisingly fine. Unfortunately, I couldn't discover anything to actually do. I gleefully walked through objects and out of bounds for a few minutes, scoured the game description for controls I might be missing, but...

Still, the concept is a good one. I wish you'd had more time to work on it.

This was a fairly frustrating experience. The camera seems to work against you the whole time, and the hitboxes on the moving platforms are too narrow (meaning you often slide off the end when you think you should still be standing on it).

The motion feels fairly fluid, but even then I felt rather powerless against the spikes, lasers and villain camera.

Finished it, it's absolutely adorable.

Only gripes are that the title screen didn't really scale to my monitor, meaning I saw it really small surrounded by the default Unity skybox. Gameplay was very solid though. Though I can't say I used the time ability... ever...

I am embarassed to say I could not beat the first level. There is not much of a game here, but the cutscene art is gorgeous.