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Čau, nemám už bohužel kontakt na zbytek týmu, ale nevadí když hodím soundtrack na Spotify? :D

Simple but fun! Love seeing old small projects revived

Fun lil mystery <3 Some of the puzzles left me wondering for a while hehe

Lovely soundtrack

Thanks for the review! I’m not actively working on it, mostly just squashing a bug here and there. I’ve just made a new build for Amaze Berlin (1.2.0), so I tried to fix the lights too. Hopefully without adding too much performance strain.

Downside is that I’ve had to switch the synthetic voice provider because of licensing issues with eSpeak and the robot now sounds much more generic.

Wow, thanks a ton for playing through!
It's really shame it didn't let you finish, I'm gonna have to take a few weeks to get rid of all the bugs 😅

Willing to share how You made the planets? They look pretty gorgeus (apart from ocassional transparency issues)

Love this, really fun to play!

This would be really fun in VR

Awesome! The animations are truly great :D
While I love the disconnection between the blurriness of the animation and the slow movement, it definitely could be a bit faster (but I'm reading You're planning that). The music fits very nicely. One thing that bothered me was inability to jump, probably because running up the ramps was so slow without that.

I enjoyed this, but damn it's hard sometimes. No strafe was extremely frustrating at points :D

Nice concept, everyone else in my apartment must think I'm insane now lmao

Got both ends (unfortunately not just the good one) :3

So I've managed to run it, but unfortunately no singing happens when I compose a song and press Enter. I just get switched back to movement mode. I do here the intro music and singing of the enemies when I bump into them. Any ideas? (I tried both windows terminal and powershell)
I dig the idea, so I'd really like to play this. 

I like the idea of different plants interacting. I guess having no idea how kinda fits the theme lol.

Absolutely gorgeous :3

This was a great and creative idea :D

The controls though! There are some points where the clickable text is the same color and weight as normal text and  it took me a while to figure out lol. Fun though

Musical pieces were by me, thanks! ^w^
I hope to finish them after the Jam ends. A lot of the checkpoints are missing music during the minigame because I didn't have time haha

Fun :3

I was worried the game broke when it zoomed in so much at first, but the later waves were fine haha