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Hi! If we talk about the first game there is a switch you need to press in order to deactivate the spikes. For the second game you got a pair or keys so you still have one key left to use when backtracking at the beginning  of the dungeon. If you ever get stuck i made a letsplay of the 2 games on my second youtube channel.

Af :

Af2 :

Hope it help! :D

What? Hum if you mean the main character being a girl... You can choose to be male or female at the very beginning of the game... LOL

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There's been several reports of disappearances in the neighbourhood of Lencour. 

You are given the hint that the old mansion in the mountains might just be the host of these mysterious disappearances.

You feel the need to go see for yourself, but you also have no choices...

Just as you decide to get your apparel ready, you receive a call from your niece announcing that her mother went to the mountains to investigate, but she never came back. Frantic, you pack your camera, take the bare minimum and rush to the mountains. An endless night is about to get down! Your goal: find your sister and survive this fatal night...

This game is a FPS survival horror in the style of Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Outlast. Will you survive to find your sister and ultimately solve the puzzles lurking behind the madness?