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Wow! I haven't played these games for so long and now just being able to play them all is so amazing! It really gives me an understanding about trans people and how complicated it can be for them. As a person who doesn't understand this topic all that much, this really cleared things up a lot. Thank you! 💙 (also the button sounds were really satisfyingly haha)

I think 50 minutes.

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For some reason when I set a reminder it didn't remind me and went past the time and started showing negative numbers. When I cancelled the reminder and set it up again, it kept showing negative numbers until I shut it down and opened it up again..

Is there an error that says UnsupportedPlatform? You can't log into the account as itch does not support account creation at this time. Not sure when or how the developers are going to fix this.

have you updated the game? they should have fixed it by now.

lol i got out of the house without it crashing down


Wow. I thought it would be one of those really scary horror games, but it wasn't. I never expected messing around with the files or actually having the characters know you exist. Brings back OneShot vibes. 

Also, I wonder if there is going to be a sequel or something else added about the (CARD)... 🤔

this game is so good pls make more

I liked the game but there was a bug where the red circles or the keys wouldn't spawn if I died so I had to restart the game all over again. :(

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I have Windows 10


When I open the application, My whole screen turns black. The cat and my windows are still there but I can only see and move the windows when I press F3. Am I doing something wrong or is it broken?