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Water Flare

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It was pretty fun, though a little confusing at first because you need to learn how to do wall jumps to get higher up cubes instead of just trying to jump up.

Minimalistic Jam 3 will have a theme

Created a new topic Minimalistic Jam 3 Info

I was planning to close this server down and not do any more jams but after listening to people I've changed my mind. There will be a Minimalistic Jam 3 from july 9th to july 16th. Here's the link https://itch.io/jam/minimalistic-jam-3 . By the way some rules have been changed so it'd be great to hear your thoughts on that.

I'm considering hosting a Minimalistic Jam 3, I'll post something in the forums this week with details.

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Also, ratings are just for fun so please don't worry to much about them.

Use this url https://itch.io/jam/4545/add-game/208859?token=j69todXBb1ZL7QipdRNl70WyNE

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Not from me but it seems like some people who participated in the game jam might make videos. :)

I'm not going to do a live stream but I am planning to try to play through most of the games submitted.

Sorry, you can't use lighting because I didn't specify anything about it in the rules so it would be unfair to all the people who made their game without lighting. You can use shadows but the main color from them counts towards the color max. Good luck on your game :) 

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There are no restrictions on the ui can except the graphics.

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You can have a fading transition because one of the rules allows there to be transparency.


^^^ This is just a reminder so everyone is up to speed because certain things have changed slightly.


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Shadows are fine, keep it minimalistic though. :)

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^^^^ My twitter handle is @WaterFlare

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Okay, I'll add a hashtag.

That's fine. One of the rules is that "You can use transparency to some extent". :)

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Great idea but I feel this jam is too small for a hashtag.

Well they don't look that bad. That was just a bad example.

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Both wouldn't be allowed because when I say gradient I mean something like this . It Goes from one color to a different color and the two main colors (green and brown) count towards the 10 color max and if it's part of the sprite the two main gradient colors count towards the 2 color max for the sprite.

Maybe for like certain visual effects .etc

You don't need to include pixel noise, the rule is there to stop people from using pixel noise because pixel noise isn't minimalistic.

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In this jam each color that has it's own "color code" is considered a separate color. However, there is an exception to this in the rules. Rule: "Gradients are allowed but no more than 3 objects/sprites/backgrounds in total with a gradient and the two main colors from the gradient count towards the 10 color max.". So basically you can still do shading with gradients but you have to follow that rule. Btw you could also do shading using dithering.

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You can use any color however much you want, it's just that per each spite you can only use 2 colors to make it and you can only use 2 colors for a background but then for a different background/sprite you can use another 2 colors as long as you are under the 10 color limit.

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The term is mainly used when people don't want content which is unsuitable for young audiences. So for example you can't include stuff like nudity, extreme gore/violence, etc.

What aeroplane490 said ^

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That's a good idea. However, that game uses a lot of blur/gradients and there is a limit on those.

You can't have a bunch of random pixels. Just search up pixel noise on google and go to images, you'll see what I mean.

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I've never thought about that, but even if someone does get a head start they aren't going to win a prize. The point of the jam is to have fun.

In this jam there aren't gonna be any rules on how big/small your team can be. :)

Created a new topic Teams Teams Teams!
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Crowdforge(a online team building website) has reached out to me, to be the official team builder for this jam. Here's the link https://crowdforge.io/jams/minimalisticjam2

Awesome, also I don't really have a theme in mind because I feel all these minimalistic requirements that make people focus on the mechanics are already plenty for most people.

Replied to Maemi in about music


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I changed it, hopefully this one will work.

Created a new topic Discord Server Link
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You can use https://discord.gg/p2pNvzW to join the discord server for the jam.

Yes but it's going to close after Minimalistic Jam 2 is over because I'm not really planning to host a Minimalistic Jam 3.

Posted in about music

Can you elaborate a little bit on what you want to do?

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