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Water Flare

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People can use any engine they want.


yeah, probably within a year

At the time of posting this it is still in progress but here's the link: https://discord.gg/t29d8PD 

I'm still working on it but here's a link if you would like to join early https://discord.gg/t29d8PD

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Sure, I could probably make a discord for next time.

I edited my reply to remove the part about including the player controls info in the game because I felt it was slightly to harsh and also lots of other people just put the controls in the description.


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Very simplistic but also entertaining, good job. If I could give a suggestion it would be for there to be some difference between the two characters to make it more obvious which player is which.

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Thanks, I've also learned a bit from running my first game jam. I might run it again in about half a year or a year but with some revisions 

Oh I thought that was in miliseconds but um yeah even with a distance metric it's better to use kilometers than meters if you're driving :P

Props for making a 3d game like this in four hours but if I could suggest something, it would be for the timer to go slower because it's going so fast it loses it's meaningfulness.

Hope this helps. By the way this is the first game jam I've hosted so if I host it again i'll be sure to include clearer guidelines.

Well, "the use of sequential lines spaced one pixel apart to give the illusion of a lighter color" is allowed but using pixel noise is not; because pixel noise doesn't fit the theme even if it's only a few colors.

Sure that would be fine if you want to submit backgrounds,level designs,sprites but preferably no game mockups. 

Yes to some extent

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Due to popular request from people trying to make more detailed games I've decided that you can use gradients but you cannot have more than 3 objects/sprites/backgrounds with a gradient in total, the 2 main colors for the gradient count towards the 15 colors max. Transparency will also be allowed but you still need to keep your game minimalistic. 

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I've given your request for gradients some more thought and have changed my mind about it

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I'm sorry about not letting you bend the rules but I want this jam to be a challenge at least a little bit

By colors I'm talking about specific colors as in #ffffff so if you have multiple different shades of blue they would each count as a color etc. You can't use a gradient, the whole point of the jam is to focus more on the mechanics by keeping art simplistic/minimalistic and it wouldn't be fair at all to other people already in the jam who haven't been told that using a gradient is allowed.

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I've added ratings and they will be on these two criteria "What would you rate this submission?" and "How minimalistic was it?". It's a little vague because some people might submit just a soundtrack.

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I'm 99% sure that the rights to game and art are not transferred to the jam organizer and that you are free to improve or sell it. :)

Thanks for the inquiry but I'm afraid I can't let you bend the rules. It is somewhat possible to do shading and outlining with only 3 colors plus it wouldn't be a challenge or minimalistic if you could use unlimited colors :P

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Maybe, I haven't decided on that yet

There isn't an official twitter for the jam but if it gets well received I might make one. My twitter is https://twitter.com/WaterFlare

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By game engine I am referring to an Integrated development environment or framework for compiling and making games. examples: unity, gamemaker studio, love2d, CryEngine, etc.  However, this isn't necessary if you are trying to make a team for sound design.

I don't know yet if I will participate in the jam but if I am, I wasn't planning on working with a team. Sorry about that. 

Cool cool, hopefully you'll be able to find a team.

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Since you are completely new and want to get into making games I'd recommend you find a game engine and go on from there. If you feel like you cannot submit a full game no matter how simple or you can't find a team, It's fine if you submit a game soundtrack(no effects included).

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You could post in the forums asking if anyone wants to team up but if that doesn't work I'm fine if you want to submit just a soundtrack

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Yes but preferably no dithering. You can decide for yourself how how much shading  you see fit for your minimalistic game. Hope this helps

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If anyone has any suggestions or feedback about the jam, feel free to respond to this thread

Before the jam starts just look over the requirements once more to make sure you know what they are.

Feel free to leave a comment :)

In short I think this a interesting game.