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My game is under 20 too:

Here's my game ! Try it if you can, I will try yours !

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Hello ! I need some advice about my game developped during the Jam ! Hope you'll like it. 

Here's my game's page:

You can of course give me your game's link and I will try it ! 

Can somebody rate my game ?

Hope you'll like it !

I hope you'll like it ! 

Exactly, everything has been released during one week ! ^^

My game is now posted ! :)

Congratulations to you ! You can both be proud of your work, your game is my favorite of what I've seen for this moment ! 

I almost finished my game, but I worked alone and I am not a drawer, but I am proud of what I released, and tomorrow it will be submitted ! 

Just... Good work ! I guess you worked in team right ? ^^

okay thanks a lot

I have exactly the same question...

Can I copy an existing game music, but don't make exactly the same by changing instruments, speed, etc... ?

Cause I'm not a beatmaker, and I really suck...

Okay, thanks a lot guys ! :)

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I found an explosion generator on internet, but I'm not sure that I can use it...

Can you share your advice ? Thanks :
 (I want to modifie images after generating them)

Okay thanks a lot ! 

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For me it's not a problem about learning code. It's about code organization, etc..., to have a "scalable code" (sorry if there is some spelling misstakes, I am a young french student) 

Can someone give us a nice course about properly coding ? For me, no matter the time I need to learn. 

Okay, thanks a lot !! 

It's a free package in the editor on internet, but I don't know if we are autorize to use it... That's my question...

The question is in the Title of the topic ^^

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Our game (we are two) is, for this moment, looking like that: (that's a topdown beat them all ^^)

Un jeu fantastique qui a fait ses preuves !