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Of course its entirely free, but if u want u can mention me somewere :)

Now you can use it

Now you can use it

I really glad that you like my style! Thank you!

I really appreciate your opinion! Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you my russian friend!

Thank you for comment! I really glad that you like my art style! What about duck, i just gave him first name that came to my mind :>

Thank you for feedback! It's really important that you had fun playing my game!

Thank you for feedback! I appreciate your opinion. Your advice will be very useful

Thank you for feedback! 

I really glad that you have fun playing my game 

As for your suggestion, it's really amazing idea

If i had did that mechanics, game would have been obviously better!

I am very glad that you have fun playing my game!!! Thank you for feedback very much, it`s really important for me! :>

Thank you for your feedback very much!!! I`m glad that you like graphic! Your suggestion about words typing is amazing! But unfortunately, now i have no time for this update:(

This is just amazing!!! So simple but in the same time very complicated! Obviously 4 star!

Just amazing!!! Art so cool that it worth 5 star for Graphic/Visual! It was enjoyable to play in this game!

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Thank you for your feedback! I really happy that you like graphic! Also I`am glad to hear that you enjoy playing this game!!!

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Believe me, in Russia children do even worse things. Such as inflating frogs through straws until they explode ..... This is my idea of spring, which I remember from childhood. :) However, thank you for your comment !!!

Wow dude... I can't even reach more than 46! Also im vry glad that you like this game! Its very important for me!!!

I respect your opinion very much! And it's very glad that it liked you!

Thank you for feedbck!!! Im really heppy that you like Hana!!!

Thank you very mush for your feedback!!! Im very heppy that you it was enjable to play! 

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback !!!  I really respect your opinion and your advice!  I am very pleased that you enjoyed playing this game!

Thank you very much for the praise!  Also thanks for the feedback and advice!  I'm so glad you enjoyed playing my game !! ITs realy important to me!

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Just move close to frog and then dont move and press "space"(its importand to not move when press "space") ;)

I am very glad that you liked the graphics !!! Also thanks for the advice, I respect that very much!

I really liked your idea!  This is really a life situation, because I also have allergies in the spring.  I also love the gameplay which is addictive for a while

I really liked this game.  Although the background is simple, but I spent some time playing it.  Don't think I'm complaining, but you need a little more sound

Like your concept, it was fun to play)

Its very ridiculous and sully) Love this game

Your opinion is very important to me! Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much for the advice I highly respect it !!! As for the jump, no, the jump has no cooldown. On Hana's 9th birthday, her grandmother gave her this raincoat so she wouldn't get wet, but Grandma didn't know that Hana didn't like frogs, and so as not to upset her grandmother, she wore it.

I really respect your opinion! And I'm so glad you liked the graphics! Maybe later I'll finish the game a bit to have a little more gameplay;)

Due to the fact that many people who played the game could not see the connection between the THEME of the jam and my game, I want to quickly EXPLAIN: I imagined that in the spring all living things wake up and begin to reproduce, in this case, I depicted frogs;)

I'm really glad you had fun! Also 87 !!!!! How??? You have exceeded all my expectations in passing this game so far. And on the topic: I imagined that in the spring all living things wake up and begin to reproduce, in this case, I depicted frogs;)

Thank you for the praise and sorry for the frogs (by the way frogs are not real - they are plant mutants, but that does not excuse me)

Good work with sound, it allowed me to immerse myself in the game for a while

Good job guys!

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Very glad you had fun in the game! Also thank you for finding the bug and sorry) Try one more time and you will get 100 ;)

Thank you very much for the feedback !!! Your advice is very important to me. I'm also glad you had fun playing it

53??? Omg, trust me its very hard to do. And sorry for frog(