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Hi Lo, I am sorry, I've already found a team. Btw I would prefer do some art for the game

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Last ~3 months I've been using construct 3 for making web games. I would like to find teammates for this jam or friends :)
Can do some art/ui design, music and sfx
My time zone is GMT +04:00

My last game on Construct 3:
My games (Unity & Godot): on Itch ( and Play Market (

If you interested you can dm me on discord warbledev#2155 or write your discord in the comments =)

Theme is "Share knowledge"

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Good art style, characters are looking so good (especially Larissa :D)

just sharing first prototype of intergalactic exam ui. looks familiar? :D

Wow, very original & interesting mechanic! =D

Wow, such a good concept!

Its addictive =D

+ Interesting idea. 

+ Good music. :)

- A little bit odd, not consistent graphics. (maybe you should turn off texture filter on some sprites)

- Too hard

I cant complete level 2, any hints? :D

Sorry, I didn't add that in the tutorial, but you can erase by pressing right mouse button

enjoyed the game :) sound of typing commands feels very good

also there is a bug with shaking obstacles

Thank you :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it =)
Yep, that fake numbers are real symbols, but they are shuffled

Will try to fix this error

Thanks for playing! =)


Very interesting gameplay :3

I'll just leave it here...

Very very good art :)

That popping sound when you have connected all the dots is too good :>
Really liked the sounds and music

Haha, thats fun :D

Interesting rework of 2048 :)

Really amazing idea! :O

Fascinating :)

Haha! Thank you :D

Thank you very much! :)

Very addictive :)