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Read the description... It says clearly "NOTE: Game will play best on monitors of 1920x1080 resolution or larger." So the fix is pretty much get a 1920x1080 monitor.

Ok, I fixed this a while ago, sorry for the super late response. When I posted this, I was using the website however when I downloaded the itch program then it worked. Try doing this instead. Download this:

This is pretty much a small free version of Boneworks, which is why I fucking love it so much

adil3tr As you can see in the 7th picture (the one with all the controllers), the Index controllers are supported in this game.

Have you ever heard of the richest guy in the world? Yep, that's him.

Ok, maybe the dev could've mentioned it doesn't work for VIVE? Just a suggestion. So for anyone that wants to use it with the HTC VIVE, you can't. And the really helpful developer that updates this experience at least once every day has made absolutely sure we know before downloading the game that it doesn't work for vive. I would say amazing job!


Really good game! My sister and I had hours of fun playing this game! It has a very good difficulty balance (the VR player has an almost equal chance of winning as the PC). I would really recommend this game. 

Dude, I can't download it. I don't have the permission. Do I need to pay or something?

'Forbidden' or 'Failed - Forbidden'