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Just realized you put this in the Ukraine bundle. That's freakin awesome guys! I already bought the first two on steam but when my steam deck comes I'll try the new linux version of this on it, thanks!

I had no idea the people who made this (I played the flash game so much and have had this on my phone for years) made Fantastic Contraption VR. One day you should bring rebuild to PCVR, there are so many zombie games but none of them have the dimensions that Rebuild focuses on.

I tried it again and it worked really well. Two suggestions I have. The first is for a failsafe way of enabling the overlay where it just appears in front of the user, wherever they are without any gesture, just with clicking the desktop UI through the SteamVR desktop mirror. And second, some form of handling the UI for selecting roms and cores inside the overlay instead of only on the desktop.

Some feedback. I like the app but when playing I assumed it would work like this: I grab the handheld and then use my index controller buttons to control the game.  Then when I let go, input to the emulator stops. Maybe I can set audio to also start and stop the same way. Is that how it's supposed to work? The joystick works and the b button on the left controller is start, but no other buttons work even though they're in the bindings. This is when emulating NES with quickNES. The arcade stick works but it's also a lot less ideal. I've been using Desktop+ inside games a lot recently, even to play some PC games, and I was hoping to use this the same way. If it can be done, I would love an app that's just an in VR controller to turn VR inputs into gamepad inputs when you're holding it.

You should check this out, if you made it compatible, it could be fun to use sketchy in other games or over passthrough.

Neon Retro Arcade ships with libretto cores included, are you sure you can't package into this?


Is this using OpenXR, OpenVR, or the Oculus SDK?

Revive to the rescue.

One day people will put on their FacebookVR headset and remote work to the martian mines.

Axegend VR community · Created a new topic Crossbuy

Have you considered adding a form of crossbuy for this game through Steam?
Several games like this have included versions of their games for other platforms in the game's files, or in a DLC. Have you considered offering the apk of your game in the Steam version for a form of crossbuy? It could even just be in a DLC for a reduced price, rather than free. I'm just very curious about this and you would be the first game to do so which would get a lot of attention.

Omg, this needs to come to PC.

Wait, this doesn't work with PCVR at all, only facebook mobile ones?


Doubt this could work on a Quest without starting from scratch.

Does this build work in VR?

Do you think this would be possible to get working a consumer headset? It's rare to see VR software taking on actual ethics and worries about tech like this.

Nice, I haven't had anything to use my leap motion with in years. I'll try it out with my index.

Can't understand any of this but I'll try it in my Index.

You should consider adding leap motion support since you can do it through the MRTK and it would work on Hololens and other hand tracked AR devices as well.

This is extremely impressive! Have you thought about trying out modding Half Life Alyx?

Looks great!

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Reminds me a bit of Crack in the Slab from Dishonored 2.

This is a really creative concept, I don't think I've seen anything quite like this but it's a terrific idea.

This is a great idea! I'll try it now on my Index.

You should give modding Pavlov a try, this is pretty cool.

I'm not sure how these are utopias but I'll give it a try.

Is there a place to give feedback?

Excited to try it!

An update for Index would be really nice, this is a very impressive demo and I'd love having full fidelity with my knuckles to really appreciate it.

This is really nice, but I can't get off the ground for more than a second before I just fall even though I have two webs out. Really cool though, I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

Love this, just wish the bullets were slower so I could dodge and actually survive.

Was really excited to try this in VR, and then realized that wasn't a tag...

Does Spideriiny work with Index controllers?

Can't get any inputs when it actually starts with the Index Controllers.

Maybe on quest but Oculus doesn't seem to want much violence on there.