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You always have good ideas.

Hello, there are still some issues with MacOS downloader... Hopefully you can try the Steam version to have it working!

Sure you can!

If you mean the hero sprite, Systems manager > Models > Hero > Graphics !

Sure I can give it a try in some days!

Hello! Can you try again but running as admin?

No need to code for basic stuff. If you want to add plugins, it's using Javascript!

Hi! What's the location (indicated in the error message) and the folder name?

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Thank you! Looks like something went wrong with .obj parsing. If you are OK with sharing it, could you send this .obj at There's a new update coming in a few days, that would be great to fix it here!

Thanks! There will be an option to choose if you want to hide a statistic in menus in future updates. No, there shouldn't be any size requirement for models, is changing the scale option making it visible?

Sorry for this late reply! No image explaining this, but here is the order of battler animations:

  • Normal
  • Attack
  • Skill
  • Item
  •  Escape
  • Defense
  • Attacked
  • Victory
  • Dead

If not done yet, you could join our discord server here:, you'll have quicker answers here. :)

Just tested with website installer on Windows, working good. Were you using the download link from It wasn't updated.

If this link is not working again, go back here!

Hi! In your installation folder, you should have a "Engine" folder containing "version.json". What is there inside? What's happening if you directly open "RPG Paper maker.exe" inside "Engine" folder instead?

That's weird that you had the updater expired. What you can do is uninstalling completely and downloading the installer again.

Create an object ( for the transition location and use teleport object command for the Hero (!

Hi! Could you try with Steam version if possible? I think that it's linked to a problem with the updater and network dependencies on Mac. You can find the steam version here:

(sorry for late answer) It was tested on only one MacBook High Sierra 10.13.6. And there were also people using macOS that could signal issues!

Ok sounds weird. I will try something for next update but I can't be sure that it will solve your problem. OS problems are pretty hard to solve, but not impossible!

Hi! Can you at least run the updater (a downloader with a progress bar)? What's exactly happening when you try to open? If you are familiar with it, could you try to open it with a terminal (just run ./ and print the errors here?

Thank you for posting the issue here, I hope this will help other Mac users as well!