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rlly fun

ik its been said a bunch about the lag altho I also found that beyond just the lag of coins and rose bullets the game just got slower and slower and laggier even without any plants placed or coins on the ground which seems like it *could* (obv I am just guessing) be more than a webgl issue so I wanted to point it out in case it was unnoticed.

would love to get to the final gun when a desktop version is released or lag solved <3

Fun game

just replicated it from mobile, i originally played on my laptop but it happens on both. Both use firefox. When u hit restart it says welcome to day one but the top bar says day 7 and if u play thru the day it is treated as day 7. Another bug related to restart, I  figured maybe i could just buy stocks with the $50 and it would not be wiped when finished and restart on day 7 again. Which it did not wipe so I made a bunch of purchases in cheap stock restart the day and bought more to get lots of dividends and since I had insane amounts of stock at a cheap price, a $3 increase was big (buying in higher than 10 intervals would be nice like just an input field. not intended but I like making infinite free money :D.

also save state is completely my personal opinion adds no harm one way or the other. It just came from me trying to reload after playing a few days and seeing there was a news button (which come from never reading tutorials) and wanting to refresh the page to start over. instead i just had to clear cookies.

I think this is a fun game

difficult but fun.

cannot replay game as it when u click replay it just goes to day 7 again and also u added a save state which means reloading the page does not work (personally save state for a short browser game does not seem necessary)

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cool game, got all the upgrades! (using loans which hard to tell if I am actually paying them back)

the amount of text on the screen is distracting, like I got confused when a printer stopped working, but it was because it ran out of filament which was at the top of the screen in red. I just automatically filtered it out as there is so much text

also clicking anywhere a little bit off giving the buy printer popup is a bit annoying

if u click on a button it will also click on the spot below it on the shelf bringing up the buy printer prompt. Also as soon as u click a spot it clears the organization tag on the shelf even if u clicked it accidentally and did not intend to buy a printer

printers keep printing even if there is no open spot for it to place the new 3d printed object on the shelf wasting filament

Also full screen would be nice

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crashed for me as well, no album open.

Also it seems like world gen is lagging a lot at least in the web version, as I continue walking forward the game every few distance intervals freezes for a second and continues

crash error:

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:

abort(74) at jsStackTrace@































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very fun game! I do find the changing colors cool, but it is kinda jarring to me personally to not have a clear this means it works and this mean it wont fit cause the colors keep changing. I mean can typically just see if it will or will not fit, but it just is just smth in my head like that looks incorrect cause of the color. Especially when the correct color becomes a redish color and wrong color becomes a purplish color. Also was a bit confused why certain stacking was not allowed. It seemed when a plug was put into a plug within a plug it would only work if it was over hanging? But since the plugs are flat and above, so long as the plug is oriented correctly it should just go over the top of the plug. this was noticeable in level 12 especially

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fun game!

game crashed for some reason on the first stage where the meteor speed picks up i don't remember exactly how many in, but it was only a few stages in. This is what it froze on. Right when the meteor landed on a building with a construction company next to it

Also some bugs,

if u click the tutorial dialogue that comes b4 the finish text comes in for the shop tutorial, it will slide further than it is meant to. Presumably the button was just slid twice or something from clicking the dialogue fast enough

Also unsure if this is intended, but the construction companies only seem to protect one adjacent building. If this is intended imo should either be random like with each adjacent building the chance of protection decreases or allow for the user to choose which building it protects.

Also it can be hard to click the right tile and instead have it blocked by a building in front of it and end up selecting the wrong building.

The insurance companies will still pay out if the building is hit and saved by a construction company. Also as soon as I got the construction company my strat immediately shifted to throwing as many buildings into the line of fire as possible and negated the whole concept and difficulty of the game. Still fun even with that strat, mainly cause I like finding exploits especially in games with economy systems. Seeing meaningless numbers go higher makes me feel good. Even if the insurance companies did not pay out for protected buildings, I would still use the strat as it pays out a lot.

Also a sort of wiki-type page would be nice for buildings. I immediately forgot what some of the buildings did. Which also meant I just saw random building on the side not knowing what they did. I remembered like one of the buildings boosted another building but did not remember either building name nor appearance. Hover text might also work, altho in practice would depend on how it looked and felt in respect to the game feel.

this is not necessarily a bug, but if u place outside of the tile area imo it should be sent back to it original position, or in the case of buying from a shop, should return it to the shop instead of snapping to the closest grid tile

o grey? yea theres grey text I was confused by white I could see how it could be hard to see altho not for me personally 


Is there white over blue on the page? I made the text is black and thats what is showing up for me

yea i might continue working on it havent decided yet

thx for playing!

yea def



xD maybe I will

yea i said in my description that I intended on that being the gamemode but I only had like a day and a bit of free time over the jam to work on it

yea ik i made this in all of a day and a bit

thx for the feedback!

you do get extra points for more clones I think the points just go so fast anyways that maybe its not noticeable 

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Cool idea!!

At first I was confused y the text field kept deselecting, but it was because I was instinctively pressing enter which deselects the text box for some reason

I rlly liked this game the game feel is on point!!

my one complaint issue is the fact that I die if the main ship is destroyed because I have almost no control over whether a clone or I get hit my a bullet, there is only so much I can do to protect myself when also trying to shoot everything and collect clones

This is one of my favorite submissions so far!!

Cool idea altho I could just spawn a bunch of clones and circumvent the levels. I also gained the ability to fly if an enemy destroys the block you are wall climbing then you get to fly

Cool game tho! I like the simple look and very good camera perspective

I got to $140,000 by making clone loops. It took me a bit to realize rotate was r so I was sitting there trying to figure out hot to transport the items if I can only go straight

I love tycoon games very good game!

o rlly thats interesting lol makes sense

I really like the art style of the menu screens!

Very cool minigame style game!

If I leave my cursor still then all of the clones converge on one spot and if I get hit then all of them die tho

Cool game like the art! Sometimes when taking damage tho I lose more than 1 clones wondering if maybe you are using collisionstay instead of collisionenter?

Great game!

I am a bit confused on the z q s d controls tho and just used arrows

like the art!

Awesome game! cool concept

There is a problem where the blocks move into one another and a way to restart level would be a good add

I like the simple art style its very cool

Love the art!

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I loved the game the only thing I didn't like, which was minor, but when I would mess up a catch by pressing the wrong arrow I would end up losing like 2-3 more just because I automatically press 2-3 more buttons before I can react to messing up

Really fun game!! simple intuitive and fun!

yea it was pretty intuitive after a few attempts, I rlly liked the idea!

i rlly did one of my favs in the jam

o ok ill check it out again with moving the camera tomrrow

o xD makes a lot more sense on the sower thing

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I dont normally download games, but since you havent gotten any ratings and the thumbnail pic looks like a very cutesy artstyle I want to check it out!!

I was not let down by the art I would say this is the best game in terms of art!! I love cutesy art styles!!

The game idea is also very unique and fun, altho couldve used a tutorial as it took me a bit to realize that the color of the stream corresponded with the food and I don't quite know what sower is. Overall a great game!! I would suggest using webgl in the future to get more plays 


like the artstyle and the fact that u can move not only the boat but also the rocks is a nice feature that imo improves game feel!