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This game is a cunningly crafted series of digital landscapes that resemble the dreams of a geometrician who has had far too much to drink and then decided to design a golf course. Each level is an intricate ballet of jumps, dodges, and leaps, where timing is not merely a suggestion but a strict lifestyle choice.

Bumbi, our protagonist, is not your average hero. No, Bumbi is more akin to a small, determined particle of dust that has decided it’s going to fight the vacuum cleaner. It’s a story not of epic battles or grand quests, but of a single, minuscule creature’s attempt to traverse landscapes that seem to have been designed by someone who had a personal vendetta against straight lines, clear paths and the continuation of life itself.

With a jump that can only be described as ‘optimistically improbable’ Bumbi embarks on a journey across platforms that hang in the air like an awkward silence. With obstacles less welcoming than a tax audit and about as forgiving as a porcupine in a pillow fight. You, the player, a hapless soul in search of victory must navigate these with the kind of precision that would make a Swiss watchmaker weep in inadequacy.

The platforms, which in most games are as reliable as the rising sun, are about as dependable as a weather forecast on a British summer in this game. One moment solid, the next, it’s decided to take a brief sabbatical, leaving little Bumbi to plummet in a manner that’s both tragic and sometimes slightly amusing.

So here’s to Bumbi, a jolly little speck in a universe that seems hellbent on its demise. It’s a tale of perseverance, of countless attempts to conquer the unconquerable, of the joy found not in the destination, but in the hilariously convoluted journey. One might say, it’s not the fall that kills you—it’s the sudden stop on the obnoxious red spike at the end. And in Bumbi’s case, those are plenty, each a small lesson in humility and the art of “trying again”.

Great game! But the ramps seem to be the hardest part.

10/10 would throw cheese at cats again


Big oof, I feel for you!

Seems like a fun idea, but it’s really not clear what you do.

Maybe add a comment explaining how the game is played, for numbskulls such as myself?

Also, I fell off the map… >.<

Original/creative idea!

I found the character a little slow, I’d prefer it if the game was a little more fast-paced. Other than that pretty good!

Nice job!

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If you are a Unity game developer and love learning new stuff or just really like writing performant code, then The DOTS Challenge is perfect for you!

#THEDOTSCHALLENGE is a game-making challenge where you try to make a game or prototype using Unity's Data Oriented Tech Stack.

DOTS will help you make blazing fast code, allowing for concepts that would be impossible or very hard otherwise. 
Learning the systems with a small competitive project is a great way to get started with it!

The jam is 9 days: from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 26th of October at 0:00AM GMT.
During this time you can work on the game for a maximum of 48 hours - including concepting, learning about DOTS, and actually making the game.

Voting will be done by anyone who plays your games. Voting will run until a week after submissions have ended.
The results will be revealed on Monday the 2nd of November!

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