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Lookin' great!

Free to play (in browser) infinite runner game I created the art for! Inspired by early 2000s cartoons like Invader Zim and The Fairly Oddparents, you play as a little fish boy who runs across the sea collecting energy to stay alive. You can download and purchase this game and a few other retro-inspired titles we've created at discounted prices for a summer sale here:

Just checked out the video--thanks for playing and sharing it here! I'm glad you found it interesting... appreciate the feedback as well, I will mark it down as I continue work on the project. Very helpful. Subbed!

Just released an updated version thanks to a few new player's feedback--there's now some text that appears when you get close to a newspaper that reads its headline AND there's a less abrupt ending. Thanks for checking the game out, everybody!

This was a project I did for a thesis class at my school, and it's probably the first large scale game I've made. Heavily inspired by Parappa the Rapper + Jet Set Radio + Space Channel 5 + the list goes on and on.. You play as a little chameleon navigating a very cartoony and cyberpunky sandbox-styled level. I wanted this to be an exercise in level design, so I challenged myself with making things a little less linear and more open.. there are many ways to get to the top, and no two playthroughs are usually the same! Check it out at the link above. Had a lot of fun with this one. Feel free to comment on what you liked, didn't like, and anything else in between.

Thanks for the great feedback + critiques and for uploading your video, I appreciate it! There are headlines that tell a semblance of some loose story threads (a hunter who hunts dangerous game, haha) but I've come to realize that the PS1 shader blurs out the textures pretty bad which is probably why you couldn't see them. This prototype is supposed to be one level out of many, so when you enter the ending doorway it would take you to the next area of the mansion, and so on. However, I only worked on this for a class project in around 2 months so I didn't get very far with other levels LOL. 

Appreciate it! Thanks for playing + sharing the vid.

Thanks man! The project was meant to be one level out of many... going into the doorway would put you in the next sector of the mansion, and so on. I watched your video and I appreciate the feedback (especially about the pixelated version being unreadable). I may update that version with clearer textures on the newspapers or lay off the pixelate effect. Cheers!

A greedy hunter has a big secret. What happens when he bags the wrong animal one day? Explore his luxurious mansion and uncover that secret. Enjoy this spooky walkable environment I made for a game projects class over a year ago. I've included a PS1-styled version and a clearer, more modern version. Had a lot of fun with this one, and didn't want to see it lay waste in a folder somewhere on my hard drive, haha. My comments are open for critiques: what you liked, what you didn't, and anything else.