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Walking North

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It's still a secret. The game is still in a very early alpha! This is only a Graphics-Demo!

Ach was, nein, bitte, wirklich nicht! ^^ Ich danke dir aber sehr!

Oh that's a shame! But the game is really good! ^^

Will language patches also appear? So German, Chinese, Japanese etc.

Hey, the update is out. Try downloading the Windows x86 version and see if the bug is fixed!

Danke! Es war unfassbar schwer, die Unreal Engine so zu konfigurieren, dass ich eine Qualität eines PS1-Spiels bekomme. Zudem hat es mich 4 Monate gedauert, um diesen PS1-Shader zu programmieren. Es macht aber verdammt viel Spaß,  wenn man wie jetzt schon mit der Entwicklung beginnen kann! ^^

Good to know, so it's not that. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to fix this bug because it has existed since 2015, i.e. since Unreal Engine 4 was released. The bug occurs very rarely, with very few people.

Are your graphics card drivers all up to date?

What? But this is unreal engine 4.23, how? Okay, thats crazy, i try to fix the bug, but its not easy! So sorry. :(

As far as I can find out now, this is an Unreal Engine v.4.18 bug. I will fix it in the upcoming update, I'm very sorry! :(

Oh, yheah, its a pre-alpha test-build. :'D

Hey, thank you very much! In the upcoming updates, a menu will be added, in which you can adjust the settings for yourself to get more FPS! In addition, the structure of the game will be completely different and better than what you have currently seen in the first pre-alpha demo!

 Please pack the game on Steam!!

That looks great!

Hey, I'm currently working on an indie horror game called MOOD. I've been working on the project for months and I'm trying to put it into action now. This version of the game, is a pre-alpha version. Gameplay is gradually being introduced and eventually the entire game will be released.  Go to my profile an download the game, its free! *The game can change enormously over time!*

Leave some feedback there!