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I really liked this game an its idea you should continue developing it and make it a full game. You should also improve the camera angles and the environment you play in. The playarea is really cramped for this style of game. Give the player more room to play with.

Really liked the game! The visuals were on point and the keypress sounds were very satisfying.  Could you make that you can ready your next move when the computer is processing? Otherwise the whole game is fun and nostalgic.

I really liked this game. The messages were funny and the old interface really fit the theme. I hope you will make more to this. Maybe you can add a small story? 

I agree with you that the game lacks a little bit of content, that’s why it’s in early access. 

I’m going to add more to the game later.

Also thank you for your video for my game.

Thank you for your answer. I will try it soon as I can.

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So i made a game and published it to Itch, but when I tried to download it from the Itch app, didn't work.'

When I click the select drop down, there is no options.

Here is a photo to make my question clearer

Edit: I can download the zip file from the website

This game looks beautiful and it seems very intresting. Only thing to criticize is that using the spacebar to jump is weird to use. I would recommend to change it to W.

Good arcade game, but ithink the arena is a bit too small.

Your game was fun and it had a cool concept, but i think it was too hard.

I would suggest to add the recepie somewhere when you are cooking, so that you would remember it.

I really liked the game, and I would like to play more. Only thing that was confusing was that i got to the secret bar before I even unlocked Annabelle