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Damn now you're giving me ideas.

Amazing designs you got there.

Thanks, I'm hoping to return to this pack just don't know when.

Your welcome.

Oddly enough I did make a few hangar entrances but never updated the pack.

I'll look into that. Sadly since I started my current job I haven't had the time to continue modeling more parts.

Nice, thanks for sharing

I don't see why not.

Just extract the "ShipParts" folder to the Asset Forge Collections folder

Not sure if this answers anything. Larger ships I'd use one major block as a base and scaled up to the size you want with small ones added in for greebling. Since the app is much more limited than professional modeling software such as (Blender, Maya,3Ds Max, Modo) you'd have to get pretty creative using blocks in other ways to get the shapes you want. Or wait till there's blocks that suit your needs (I do take suggested block types). Here's a larger ship from an older update.

I added a license text file in the new release. Use the blocks how you want.

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Thanks. This is one of the first few times I literally can't stop modeling.

Linear and Radial symmetry with a toggle to copy or just flip an object. Sorry if this was posted somewhere else.

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Yup, I threw it in at the last second.

Thanks I'll look into that.

Damn sorry about the noob question.

Is there any way to reset custom block thumbnails without exporting a block as a new name? In the example below I forgot to "export selection" originally and after a re-export + overwrite the thumbnail doesn't update. Is there a thumbnail cache file that I can reset/delete?


hope you enjoy, I'm using this as a way to learn Blender after using 3ds max for ages.

thanks, let me know if you notice any bugs

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145 parts - Updated July 8

Tiny update, It's been sooooo long that I can't remember what's truly new.

Download 1.6

9x Canards, 4x Torus', 4x Cylinders, 3x Domes, 1x Platform , 60x Hull Pieces, 26x Engines, 14x Cockpits, 3x Bridge, 6x Pylons, 3x Antenna, 3x Weapons, 5x Cores, 3x Tank, 5x Hangars