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add shop, it would be more pinteresting for game.

Go to discord server. There is a #faq channel with help instructions

Hello. If you had an account on, games that you bought, will be shown in your library and u can download them from there. If you bought game without account, and downloaded it once on mac, i think you can just send archive with game from your mac to your flash driver and after that open that archive in windows. Well, if its will not help you, send me a message on my email , and send me email address you included when you bought the game

third chapter will be soon!
More details & insides in discord server.

Liked the vid :)

Hello! send me screenshots with your problem to my email, and we will fix it ;)

Hello ! Thank you for feedback! Chapter 2 is here ;)

Hello. I think you just don't have required codec. If you want you can just install “k-lite codec pack”, it will make easier your life in future.

If you dont want to doit it, send message to itch-support and ask for a refund for the game

Oh man, thats was so funny :D

I really like your vids!

Chapter 3 is coming. Stay safe, peace ;)

Nice one! I really like it!
Sent you some money, not a big amount but anyway better then nothing for this asset!

Yo! thank you so much. The video is great ;)

thank you! Great video. Next chapter will be more better :)

thank you for the vid! Thats was fun :D

Hello! After I published this chapter (2), I want to take a pause.

I'd recommend to buy any chapter that you want and play it thats how you can save the intrigue for the next chapter, and after new (last one) chapter will be released you will get -50% sale for new chapter. But thats only my recommendations.

Thats only your choice to buy or not ;)

Great! thank you for your vid. and yeah, you choice wrong and correct variants of picture, they have different sounds. 

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game page:


People who bought exam chapter, will get on their mail, message with promo-code for sale -50% on second chapter (when it`ll be published).

Hello! The game costs 2$ because you pay for the atmosphere of the game, which you directly experience when playing the game and not when watching the video ;) The exam part of the game is really not the longest, the passage will take an average of less than 10 minutes or a little bit more. You and only you have the right to choose whether to buy this game or not.

The second chapter is already a couple of steps away from being ready for publication. It's just that the time hasn't come yet. Coming out this week for sure! Follow my page on and you willn't miss the release of the second chapter. Already in this upcoming version of the game, there will be more endings, interactivity, a small plot of its own and plot twists. In my opinion, the duration of the second part will be either about 30 minutes or up to an hour.
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thank you, for your vid. Game contains 1 standard ending & secret one

chapter 2 soon


Yo! Very cool video! I like it ;) 

Thank you for playing. 

Chapter 2 is coming.


Thank you for video! Cool ;)

Very nice vid! Thank you!

thank you for your video! 

Thank you for your review! That`s awesome :)

Thank you a lot! Your comments in video are excellent. Thank you for playing.

New updates will be soon. Some extra content

Hello! Released my new game "NEW NEIGHBOR".

It`s only demo at the moment, 'cause of war in my country.

I would be gld to hear your opinion, adequate and relevant criticism

[  !!!  !!!  ]

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Hello! Recently released a cool 2d, atmosferic Psychological Horror.

It cost only 10 cent! Try it) 

[  !!!  !!!  ]

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Thanks for your video! :)
Game have some very-secret endings ;)

I will be glad to your rating of the game

-Hello everyone! Just a couple of minutes ago published a new free game "LONGEYED PROJ." Development took 2 nights and around $10.

[ !! GAME LINK !! ]

---  ---

- The game is about a fictional secret organization hiring employees for dangerous work to detect creatures called LONGEYED among people.

- Tips for immersing yourself in the atmosphere.

Play in a dark room.

Play with headphones at maximum volume.

Try not to get distracted and listen/read the text carefully.

-Many thanks in advance to everyone who will play the game and appropriately/adequately evaluate it.

-Also on the page with the game you can find my media to contact me or view my accounts.