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Check out my Aquarium Simulator- Its a Virtual Fish tank with 2 out of 3 scenes so far. Listen to the ambience and and watch the fish move in different patterns.  Launch as something to go to sleep to or as a virtual fish tank for your monitor.  No maintenance required, fish don't need feeding or cleaning, LOL

Enjoy  https://wadester1124.itch.io/fish-tank-aquarium-

Created a new topic entries

anyone plan on sending an entry in?

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update added- menu, scenery(sunshaft and water reflections) quit button 8/9/2017

**8/11/2017**-Working on 2nd Scene. Hopefully it will be done by the weekend

8/13/2017- Added Scene 2, Aqua Lagoon, with Scene selection menu. and shark in background as a test animation

**Update 8/15/2017 **

All 3 Scenes have now been added for this short Aquarium Demo.  old builds are now hidden, as this is now the latest )

BlueWaters, Aqua Lagoon, and Murky Sand.  Menu  and Selection screen now
working showing levels to choose and exit button to quit game.

Additional info


thanks hope you liked the game 

Keep working on your project I enjoyed it. I was thinking about continuing mine, I'm just waiting on some feed back.

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This game is Still a work in Progress but was submitted today for a 7 day create a Simulator challenge which was on the Itch.io community game Jam Challenge. It started 4-14 and ends today 4/21. This is my entry if anyone wants to try it out check out my page. Let me know what you think.


Game has been submitted

Well will be submitting my entry tonight/tomorrow morning> I tried. the things i thought in my head and wrote down on paper all did not make it into the game yet, but i can add them in later,

Created a new topic Anyone else sending an entry

anyone else sending there entry's before Friday.

nice i like it. I should be posting my submission by wed/thursday. trying to get my menu to work

Created a new topic Info if you wanna share

making this map for this sim is taking forever. How is everyone's els projects going ?

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Im going to give this game Jam a Shot. I'm new at this, so i hope the simulator i plan on making is likable.

How long does the game need to be EX: Playtime, 15 Mins? 30, Mins?

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Hello Everyone, Hope that you enjoy this Text-Trivia Adventure. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.