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I adore the writing so much. Also, as someone with a very complex home life, it feels so intensely real, and I am so relieved to have a story where I can have some catharsis.

the paddling was an incredible touch, i adore this

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i've never had the patience to make sourdough the old way like this, though my family used to have a starter every summer when i was a child. i've learned how to make naan and quick breads instead. they usually only take up to 2-3 hours, which is almost nothing compared to the time for sourdough. but reading this has made me wonder if, perhaps when i move back to my home province, i might get a nice ceramic pot to make some starter in. here's to bread, and here's to doing things on our own time!

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This is so well written so far! I love the characters, and the complex situation of the MC. I like that a lot of the actions done in the early game  traumatic situations don't heavily affect the MC's personality scores, since I'm playing them as autistic (like me) and with the same trauma responses as I do in real life (freeze, dissociate and fawn). So excited for chapter 2! (edited for grammar)