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I loved it!

Wow, this is a really cool game. I've beaten it on the 2nd attempt. I thought it doesn't have any ending, but what a surprise on the 7th day!

In case this will be patched in the future here are the found bugs:
- habitat door likes to close when player near it.
- when electric plug is picked up, mouse doesn't want to move down (pitch under the horison) so it is harder to connect the plug.
- after dying once UI mode didn't change to mouselook mode and I had to restart the game.
- z-fighting on the ground in the canyon.
- violet fog at nights.
- top right electric socket had plug connected in wrong orientation.
- sun shines through the habitat ceiling and dropping a bright line on walls.
- O2 on base gone negative (on screen) after all supplies were exhausted.
- CO2 base filters continued spoiling after O2 gone and player gone to suit supply, but after some time it stopped occurring.
- suit can be refilled endlessly even after base supply becomes 0.
- excessive amount of habitat CO2 filters.
- silly endscreen)))

Wow, original and well made game!

Cool game!

Hi, this is the 1st release of a WIP game. 2 levels are playable.

This is all about navigating maze-like levels and finding a way to open the exit portal as quickly as possible.

Project page:

Leave the feedback in the project's Community section if you want.