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Tyson Moll

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Huh! Guess I didn't plan for that haha!

Fantastic game! Very charming :)

Hello! I'd like to submit the following project to the bundle!

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Planning to expand it over the next month in a half (or more? we'll see...), stay tuned!

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Definitely! Hoping to revise controller input in the future too.

You have to go to the jam web page and click submit project, then select the project you want to submit. Make sure that your game's visibility is set to public.

Couldn't figure out its use and it prevents me from accessing certain areas requiring guards to see me... :o

Is there a way to easily undo the effects of an invisibility potion?

just need to find one more emerald tablet...!

would it be possible to not have every asset in the same html file?

Hello! I've just recently put together a project in bitsy and am experiencing some major slowdown issues...

doesn't seem to be audio related. might be my imagination but i think smaller display sizes run better too?


let me know if you run into any trouble with it! I spent the greater portion of last moth figuring out how to make pixel games work in unity haha.

thank you!!

Love the graphical style and tunes!