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Awesome! I don't have time tonight to record, but I'll will be making the next episode(s) tomorrow, and will let you know when they're done.

Thanks again for keeping me updated :D!

Okay, no problem :).

I was half-planning recording it tonight, but I can wait a couple of days if you need me to.

Thanks for letting me know :)!

Hi, that's awesome!

I already have episode 3 recorded and edited, but I shall download the new version and will be making more videos of the game. At present, they are being released every Thursday at 12:00pm  (GMT).

Thank you for checking-out my video, I really appreciate the support :D!

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Hello, just wanted to let you know that I have now completed the game and managed to figure-out how to use the flashlight properly.

Thanks again for your reply, and also, I have made a full-length playthrough with is scheduled for release tomorrow (14th March 2023) at 12:00pm (GMT). Here is a link though, in case you wanted to see it early (as it is your game after all).


I hope you keep on making games, and maybe expand this one a little as you appear to have the basic groundwork for a very good horror game :D.

Thank you, and best wishes :D!


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Hello, the glass is fairly well hidden and you may not see it, but you will likely notice the prompt. Whereas for the key, it is very easy to find, but you need the glass first. Hopefully this helps :).

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Hello, thank you for your reply. I shall give the game another attempt later on today and maybe a fresh install might help, as although I tried retrieving the battery several times, it never seemed to work for me yesterday. Also, I figured there might have been something in the wood pile, but as I never got any feedback from the game that I had picked something up, I assumed the prompt did nothing. Personally, it could be quite useful if there was a short message saying something like "picked-up a glass" so as I would know that I now have another item. I shall try another playthrough later (after I return home from work), and I'll let you know how it went :).

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Hello, sorry but the game was very broken for me. The flashlight disappeared after turning on the radio (pressing 'f' did not work), I kept getting a prompt to press 'E' when next to the wood pile, but it did nothing. Finally, I walked around the house several times after activating the radio, but could not interact with anything, other than resetting the radio message which often took several repeated button presses. These issues persisted over multiple resets. This does look like a very cool game, but in its present state, I cannot play it :(.


I hope you are having a good day :).

Just wanted to quickly let you know that I have recently started a full playthrough of your game and so far have been very much enjoying it!

I uploaded the first episode today and honestly, I have never seen so many views on one of my videos in such a short space of time, so hopefully, this will translate into a few more downloads ;)!


Best wishes,


Hello, thank you for making this game :).

I have recently made a full playthrough of it as part of my 26 days of uploading for December. It was a lot of fun to play and was certainly a great way to kick-off the Christmas season :D!

Thanks again, and best wishes!