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My name is Brandon Lee, and I am the founder and CEO of Vulgaris Studios, an independent video game development studio. We are in development of our first game, Final Arcane, a 2D Anime RPG. We are in need of a 2D Sprite Artist to create character and enemy spritesheets for our upcoming game in RPG Maker VX Ace format.

More Info about our Game:

The story takes place in Arcania, 500 years after the Nubes
Cataclysm. The main protagonist, Torus, is a dim-witted swordsman from
the guild, Grandine. Grandine is the lowest-ranked guild in Arcania, and
they are outcasts and ridiculed by their peers. Not to mention, they fail almost all of their missions. However, one day, Torus` childhood friend,Kurami, joins Grandine after training for 10 years. After attending their village festival, Grandine notices how special she is, and soon trouble starts as Daynes, the leader of Klavista, ambushes Grandine and takes Torus and Kurami captive. They soon escape, and Daynes reveals that he`s after Grandine because one of their members is the direct relative to Sorcerer Damon, the last magic user, the Amethyst which is none other than Kurami.Council wants Kurami, and it`s not for any good intentions. Torus and Grandine must protect Kurami at all costs from the mystery man who plans to use Kurami to awaken his destiny, Kudgen.


We will pay with a percentage of our game sales.

All interested candidates should email with samples.