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small head, big heart

I love this :D

Try to wait a bit (around 30 secs) atleast that what works for me

I guess you can but it won't be judged in Visuals nomination:

1. Please only use assets you have permission to use, and avoid infringing upon any copyright or trademark.

2. Visuals: how visually-impressive was the game?     Note: only rate based on art assets created during the jam, not art assets created before the jam

But where is it?

Oh and also, I've found a irl use for your game. I am playing it before sleep and it was the nicest sleep times I've had in a while

You know who am I? Well, I am the guy who posted a comment 3 days ago but that's basicly it, I am not sure what are you talking about, but you are welcome!

Oh boi, finally got my hands on this new version! I'm glad that you fixed that 5 minutes spiral bug and I finally was able to finish it. Welp, you are still awesome and I really want you to continue, thank you for your work, hope to see you soon again!

That's great. I definitely going to donate you some money in the end of this month. 

Also I have a suggestion: How about adding something that forces you to look in the center like in this game, because I often find my eyes wander around.

Wish you luck!

P.S. Sorry for my poor English I am still learning it, hope my text is readable

Hey! Cool game you made! Do you planning to bring it on android?

Hello there. Got same problem, I've published game 2 days ago and still can't find it. I add cover image, downloadable files and stuff but it's still not there. Did I missing something?

You know, the fact that I can’t understand what is done in the game and what not is very frustrating. For example, I tried to look at pictures at different times but it's always the same. Also, I can't get a grip about that sound, my best guess is while that sound is playing, something appears behind me, but not matter how fast i turning back, i can't see anything, so where or for what i am supposed to look for? Also comments mention some jumpscare, but i wasn't able to find any of it, I guess it appears from Artifacts.exe, where it starts saying "..." but once again there was nothing. So, can you give me a help with all of that?