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fun to play yet after a while just not that fun. Quick to pick up and learn after about a minute. But the timer does not reset if we collect a certain amount of dots. for if we get past 30 secs of time then the game is really easy and we can basically can play all day without any challenge. 

interesting gameplay, yet I just did not like how I had to  click drag to rotate the camera around that mechanic was not so easy to use(I rather had a free flowing camera movement) plus the zoom out and in was not working to my liking as well. But art style and overall design of the puzzles were interesting. lastly, wish puzzles pieces were too close together which made it hard for me to click on the pieces that I wanted to goto. even  with the rotating camera. 

really enjoyed the puzzles and voice acting dialog with the story as well as the time shift to help me solve the puzzle or maybe that was just to help me figure out where to go next. Yet, still this game was fun to play. Also managed to almost solve the floor puzzle I just could not get the 12 , 13, and 14 to be in the correct order.  

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hello HeadsAndBrains, So I read how to play and open up the application , but  when I get in the game I have like 3 offerset scroll bar with x,y,z yet I Input a few values and nothing happens. Then I tried to show values button , and retype those in but nothing happened. So i am curious to how do I get passed level 1 for the only controls that seem to work are w,a,s,d and the scroll mouse wheel but the values go on forever like a range of -10k to 10k . 

I see how to play now I just got to drag and drop in the Offset on the bar below yet, still confusing for I am not sure to how the offset 1 and 2 work with one another. for I can set a certain value in but when I set the second I can not tell which direction I am going when I change the second set of values. for the first values seem be set to relative location , yet the second is like global  location values  like in most 3d modeling software.  but created for this game. Which I think is a grid  snapping puzzle. 

I enjoyed this game, there were some unique elements that I did not think could be created in unreal. Which those were with the mouse click and mouse trace. and I wonder how you kept the player in the center of each section without launching the player through out the level as the whole cube turns. For there was two section of the cube where I was lagging and thought I was going to be thrown but the (gravity tool?) managed to keep me in the center . Lastly, I like the Cinematic trailer in the end once we beat the game. Also Really nice Reflections with the materials, were those created in the material editor only or did your team use the reflection actors? 

interesting gameplay, was this made using blueprints or C++ of unreal engine? 


Team Name: NO LIMITS

Genre: 3D Puzzle Platformer

Team Mates

Victor Simpson(me)

Jamari Marte

Stephen Tanksley

Sasha Wood

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Hey, just stopping by to tell you or you all
that I really enjoyed playing the entire game! Secondly, what made this game
great is being able to manipulate a single object. By using the scale, move, and rotate as your
controls. Plus having a Minimum and Maximum range that is pretty easy to see in
the view port, and the Camera angle was perfect to me. Yet there are a few
major bugs that I am not sure if you were aware of nor meant to create. But the
one that seemed to be not as noticeable is the Scale and rotation next to walls.
(Recommend creating a scale or rotator that stops the mesh from expanding once
you are colliding with the walls of the level.) Lastly the one that I would
want for you all to fix is the end sphere that is blue. So, at first, just
learning the controls was interesting and difficult for the first few levels,
but when I got a handle for moving and switching. I was trying to see if I
could go around certain puzzles and somehow lag through a wall but that was not
possible. Afterward, following the light system you all made I started to
notice that not all the lights needed to be hit in order. Even on some levels I
could skip and go to the next section, but when I got to the last level (11?) with
the multiple ways to travel around. I saw that it looked too difficult to
solve. Yet I attempted fly outside and go around a again. Like I did in the
previous level, but this time to find the end sphere. Which when I did, I immediately
flown passed the red spheres and went straight for the Blue sphere. Which I ended
up being correct from the previous light spheres levels. That I could skip to
the next level without having solve the rest of the puzzle. Therefore, I want
to make note for you all that this in your current build. And if you all are going
to work on this project in the future. I recommend disabling the next level
open node and making a sequencer in the level blueprint or c++ code to sequence
the trigger actors class blueprints, in your levels in a list format then add
the Blue sphere actor to the end of the sequence. then write attach an enable for the open level node. This should fix this error.