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Turns out my ideas for optimization worked, you can see version 1.03 available now :)

Okay, there is a new version that has all of the fractals in 3D :). You can expect to see that version on Steam as well in a few days, and of course all of you that have already purchased VR Fractals will get free Steam keys.

Aww thanks, I appreciate this =). You can move by the way, see the controls in the box below the fractals in the main menu.

Steam actually emailed me yesterday and said I could be on their store. I've just only had 18 people buy this so far (even though there's been almost 2000 views), so that was pretty discouraging and I have other projects that seem to generate more interest.

The difficulty I'm having is that most of my content is laggy in 3D (what you see in version 1.02) because they were optimized heavily for 2D. So it would take quite a bit of time to just get it to the point that it was at in Version 1, which I wasn't really that proud of anyway.

I did manage to tweak the menu fractal enough that it can run in 3D, and had already done quite a bit towards getting music visualization working.

So if I did decide to get this up on steam, there would only be 4-5 fractals, and they would be lower-res then they are already. And I just feel bad about giving such a poor product like that to people.

I have had a few ideas recently of changes I could make to the underlying rendering engine that might really speed up the fractals, and so because of this post I'll implement those tonight, and we can see from there =)

It's okay, I'm not offended and you had a valid point.

You can find a more detailed explanation in this comment chain, the gist of it being that I was using a form of stereoscopic video where I rendered a piece that was large enough for both eyes, then placed this in front of both eyes with slight offsets to give the illusion of depth. You're right that this is different then 3D though - to those I had tested this with it had still "seemed 3D" to them so I thought that this was sufficient. The reason I wasn't raycasting from both eyes separately is because that is twice as many pixels to raycast, so things would run slower and thus need to have either a lower viewing distance or less resolution.

However, I tested raycasting from both eyes today, and my response was basically "whoa". So I can see what you're talking about, it makes a huge difference. Other people I've shown it to seem to agree as well.

As a result, I have uploaded VR Fractals Rift 1.02 beta.zip and VR Fractals Vive 1.02 beta.zip which those that have purchased VR Fractals can download to see this in action. They don't have the menu fractal and a few others because these ran too slowly to be a good experience, but three of them still worked well. I'm working on optimizing the rest of them and should have that up in a day or two.

Hope this addresses some of your frustrations. I would like anyone to express their frustrations openly in this forum so I can make this a better experience for people. so thanks, and no worries about the negative tone.

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I'm really sorry you didn't enjoy it. I'm not sure if itch.io does refunds, but I'd like to try and help you get your money's worth somehow.

So first thing - I'm not sure what you mean because this is in 3D? I guess, to help me get a better idea of what you are talking about, are you on a rift or a vive? Also, do you have the min specs or better? And did you try different fractals? Some are higher res then others

If you're on the vive, version 1.0 was slightly out of scale so that might have thrown you off. Could you try 1.01? I just don't have a vive and this does raycasting on a per-pixel level so if the resolution is slightly off things feel flat. I feel dumb for having this bug go through to the finished product, cause I thought I had that fixed