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Thank you :-) RPG in a Box grows step by step. Great!

Hello and thank you for your Replies,

i have made my first Character for RPG in a Box with the new Limitations (for me ;-) ) its a little bit tricky but it goes:

Justin Arnold wrote:
I also have a Discord server set up now - if you are interested, let me know and I will send you an invite link.

Yes, i like Discord but with my english, we can try it :-)

Thanks again :-)

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Hi and sorry my english is poor, I am from Germany.

I have made some voxelarts ( and will start my 1st Game with "RPG in a Box". I think it will takes many time to finish, so i get your Software today.

I will make a German DevLog from start to finish and have few questions:

- May I make Screenshots/Videos from your Software for my Blog and Youtube?

- May I make commercial Games with RPG in a Box?

- If you planned to Import Models up to 120x120x120? For higher Buildings and for more Details (eg for Characters) ?

- Godot supports *.dae for import, do you planned this Feature for better Animations?

Please excuse my bad english and thanks for your Reply.

Best regards,

Thank you for your answer.
I search a Voxel Sandbox Game with *.vox (or *.obj, *.dae, *.qb) Support, sorry ;-)
Have a nice time, i follow your project an hope for this Feature in Future.

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Hello Developer,
is in future possible to import own 3D Models (*.dae, *.obj or *.vox) like Characters, Buildings or Furniture?
Is the Game in future Singleplayer and Multiplayer or only Multiplayer with Account?

My english is poor, sorry ;-)

Thanks for youre Reply :-)

Sorry my mistake ;-) Its a nice Product but i have read, i cant import my own *.obj Files :-( I have many modells and must use a engine with that feature. Sorry again and thanks for your Reply.

Sorry but your tool is online only and when you shut down the server i loose my games ;-) I dont pay for that ;-)