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Thank you for playing and sorry about this issue. I will fix it when I have some time (certainly during the month, it’s not a big deal).

Thank you a lot for your comment! The actual game lacks some fundamental gameplay to make it fun but I plan to restart the development of this game from scratch so it will be way better.

Thank you for playing ;)

Thank you a lot for your comment! I really appreciate it since I plan to work again on this project.

​Hello Jeansentis and thank you a lot for playing Fake it!

Your video will be of a great help to make the game better. We watched it closely and we noticed a lot of way to improve it. Thank you!

You’re right! Thank you for noticing. We use forgot to translate to us keyboard when writing game description. Fixed!

Hello! If wasd keys does not work for you, you may have hit a bug. Can you tell me what browser your are playing in and what version? (your operating system may help to) Thank you!

… And we’re back with a new game!

Lost Souls is a multiplayer-only (up to 12 people) labyrinth game. Requires one computer per player, with a keyboard and an internet connection. Maybe a screen, too.

Happy gaming and looking forward to read your comments!

Play it:

Thank you for your comment! It means a lot to us!

Wow, great idea!! Really love the feeling and there is so much to do with it.

The tutorial is well done. However, the first level with the slow motion is a bit hard for a beginning. But the level is cool, maybe keep it as level 2?

So funny! I made is a score of 230. Is it good? Love the gameplay, it’s crazy :)

Thank you for kind comment! The team is great!

Thank you!! Yeah, we’re proud of our work. Excited to continue the project, but first we have to sleep a bit!

Thank you for your comment! We sure have a lot ideas on how to improve the title and are already working on how to make it into the game. Of course it won’t be done in 5 days! :’D

Lovely arts! Besides, my lateral thinking does not seem to work. I didn’t achieved anything else than kill it. :’(

Maybe there should be a bit more feedback when the player makes an action. I couldn’t say if my actions were useful or just moving a bunch of pixels. :(

I’ll come back if there is an update! Thank you for the game anyway, there’s some special feeling around it. <3

That’s what I call “simple yet efficient”. Great graphics, looks very polished.

Addictive as hell. Would love a fifth button with diagonal interactions. :’D

Unique! Genius idea! :’)

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Definitely require a multiplayer mode against 20+ humans! :O

Impressed that you put some IA in there. Great work.

I don’t have words. Intriguing. Promising idea. It would fit perfectly on mobile phones with time-to-time push notification triggering events.

Looks like there have been a lot of work indeed.

Too bad we cannot play your game. I Hope you’ll achieve to fix the issue. I’ll watch out for an update.

Addictive music! Wooh! Wooh!

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Love it! Too bad it get capped this fast by the waitress queue!

It IS addictive! Lovely graphics too!

The game is a multiplayer co-op Overcooked-like with a medieval/fantasy setup and RPG elements.

Play it if you haven’t!

Here are some more artworks. ;)

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We’ve just release ArchiQuest, an Overcooked-like game done in 4 days for a game jam. It’s very early but there is a crowdfunding limited in time for the event. The crowdfunding campaign ends the 19th at 1am (UTC) so don’t wait and reclaim your reward! ;)

The game is a frenetic local co-op simulation game with RPG elements. All the features couldn’t be as pushed as we wished too and there is only a single level, but it will give you an idea of what the team can do in just a few days.

Enough chatting, take a look, play, and have fun! <.’_><|

Where are the cookies?


Did you ever dreamed of being a famous journalist in the late 80s? No? Really? Well, you can try the experience now!

Fake it! is a game on fake news. You start as a freelancer, working with small publishers that barely pay the bills. Don’t give up, the glory is not far! Publish incredible articles, you can do it! Maybe you could make the facts a bit more impressive? It looks better now, doesn’t it? Readers want to read something incredible! Continue and you’ll get rich & famous.

Well… Why you don’t just give it a try?

Hi Bakaman! Update is ready and we implemented many of your suggestions. Have a look! ;)

Nice. Make a visual indicator for the keys locked on axis. It’s not clear that you can destroy the wall in the first level by dashing. (it’s not explained anywhere that you can dash by clicking)

Yes, the full game will have mod support. Since I have a long experience in writing APIs, it is something I have in mind from the beginning.

Woah! Great! Very valuable feedback!

Unity is great stuff when it comes to cross-platform. I wish I could make a build for OsX users too.

Anyway, thank you a lot!

Funny! The controls are a bit confusing sometime. You could easily add a hard mode by destroying parts not connected to the first tile.

Thank you a lot! Your support is very motivating!

We’re working actively on the game. Will drop a teaser of the demo update soon. You can follow me on Twitter for more updates and dev footages.

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Hey, thank you!

GDT was one of our inspiration but we have so many ideas to make “Fake it !” different & unique. One of our regret in GDT is the lack of connections between games. In FI! we want to give the choice to players to either release a lot of articles or to focus on a few ones and improve them with a “support” mechanism.

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Hello fikr, thank you for your interest! I just uploaded a 32-bits version for Windows.

I cannot test it but it should work flawlessly. Please tell me if you meet any issue.

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Yay! Thank you A LOT!

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Thank you for your support!

Most of these ideas are on our roadmap already:

  • buy stuff - this was not planed to be in the demo, however it could ne a nice update maybe?
  • bills - another mechanism that was present in the early prototype I decided to drop until I find a better implementation, previous iterations of Bill system was too clunky and unclear
  • hire workers to delegate actions - this feature is planed for the full game, it is unlocked when the player create its own newspaper

Thank you for the review! I’ll write a Devlog when a new release will be ready. ;)

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Wow, thank you a lot for your feedback! This will help us improve the game for sure!

The naming feature was removed because it was a bit confusing in the early days of the prototype, but it’s now mature enough and it will find its place in the next release since so many people asked for it. ;)

Do you mind if I include your video in the game’s page?