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Hey man. Just bought this amazing package. I already own some others made by you and i have to say your layouts are amazingly great! Even tho the game im working on is a longtime project and will take a lot more time, ill promise you to be mentioned in the credits!

Thanks ! And i will still plan to list all asset creators i bought stuff from from the game in my credits page :) but since im doing private development in freetime it  may take me probably about 1 more year till i can release something - but ill keep you updated as soon theres something to see :)

Ill definatly do :) i will implement him as a story NPC :) and i plan to put all asset creators names into the credits - but you need to be patient since im doing only freetime development it probably will take me about 1more year till im ready to release something - but as soon i do ill let you know :) (or maybe if an earlier beta exists)

:D ill keep my eye on the asset, if flying gets added i may use it for my game :) 

I have two questions. First is ot allowed to modify the sprites? (i would make it with white hair) , and second is it allowed to use it in a commercial game?

Hey, this is a great asset and im working on a platformer and would love to use it - but is it allowed to use this asset in a comercial (indie) game?

Really nice asset! It would be really cool if those had any kind of flying animation since its witches :D

Since there was no further response by the creator i coded my own basic export/transform script for Tilekit to Godot scene in PHP. You need php 7.4+ cli installed to use it. The script can be found at
If you need specific changes please just fork it and adjust it there. I'll not provide big updates or specific feature wishes. Only posting this to help others in the same situation as me to maybe have a starting point or inspiration.

Tilekit community · Created a new topic Project abandoned?

The last time the developer responded was 167 days ago. Is this project still active? If not please tell us rxi so we know no future support or updates will be included.

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So i know this is not a new topic but im working on a game in Godot too and want to use your editor to create the tilemap. Even tho there are ways to port your maps to godot by exporting it to tiled format and than using different options ( tiled importer plugin in godot or godot tscn export plugin for tiled) none of them works in a usefull way. While the godot importer plugin just creates editor crashing bugs (if you try to open the tileset to add light occluders it just crashes the editor) and when using the tiled export plugin you get random errors too. Even tho coding a converter myself would be an option i basicly choose your tool to reduce the work not to start new projects myself. I think your tool is a great thing, but without proper exports for Godot/etc its sadly not really usefull for productive work.

Thanks .) bought it ! Just a hint put a little info about licensing into your description and your sales will probably go up .)

What is the license? Can i use it for a commercial project (a platformer game intended to sell on steam) ?

You'r welcome :) but it will take some more months ^^ as soon its done ill let you know (or maybe earlier if i have a demo) 

Thanks alot ! I gonne buy them asap :) and i will definatly put you in the Credits :)

Hello - im thinking about buying this sound for a game im working on, but since i plan to release the game commercial i would love you to clearify if the license that comes with the assets allows commercial usage ?

Also nice work :)

What is the license provided with this pack? To be precise, is it allowed to use it within a possible commercial game?

Hey :) first of all great sprite ! Thanks alot for your work!

I bought it and left you a little obulus - just saying this to motivate others to do so too!

I just want to check on one thing. Since i plan to maybe release my game on for me licensing topics are quite important to prevent having later issues. 

Showed your legal statement to a friend and he says that "You can not Resell/redistribute this asset. " contradict "You can do:- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated. "

Im sure you only wrote the non reselling part so noone will resell your sprites on itch or other platforms - but i would ask you to clearify this statement since selling a game that includes your sprites is by definition selling your sprites too.

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Just figured out my question. ^^

@Cedric Stoquer

So if i want to have a sprite bigger than the 16*16 ill just make it higher with still 16 in tiles in width. so far so good, but am i able to use multiple different sprite on a single stage? Or is it only possible to have 1 spritesheet as source to draw on the current stage? (Based on the idea to split map/character sprites, so i just load the current map sprite instead of a giant map sprite. This way i would need a second sprite for character/items or put those character items in each of the map sprites).