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It's too good. Why would you do this?

-21133 when I finished. I got beat to shreds but loved it.

Awesome. Loved it. The look and feel of the game was super cozy and I loved the atmosphere. Now to get critical. Font had some serious AA that when blown up fullscreen made tough on the eyes. And I would consider either new abilities staying with you when you die or moving save points to an area before you test their limits. The boost powerup wasn't as exciting the 4th time picking it up since I died trying to make the first boost jump immediately after and right before the save. Also combat could use some tweaking. For instance the aerial enemies take 2 hits but you only get a single swing in the air and they don't get knockedback nearly as far as the player. This means I have to draw them into areas where there is less of a risk of knockback death. But maybe that was your intention. This is all just opinion. Anyways, great job!

I like it.