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Please make the 2nd part be like 3 hours long I absolutely loved this concept and Victoria <3

Loved the game! Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the credits? :)

Congrats on reaching so many milestones!! Can't wait to see my beloved Druk in action :)

Amazing! Can't wait to play the full game :)

Please take your time with the development and congrats on finishing the script! :)

Just replayed the demo and can confirm: I am still in love with Anton and the train scene. 

Happy new year! Can't wait to see what's in store for Ceri and Kyros and everyone else :) 🤍

Thanks a lot for the reply! 

I personally love nosy MCs and those endings you mentioned where Danielle learns about self defense or actively joins the mafia lifestyle seem exactly like my cup of tea, so I'll def be enjoying the game in the future when it's out :) 💞

> finishes the demo after falling in love with james

> checks the game page once more only to find that one of james' cons is that he will probably get murdered 

muffin beloved get behind me 🤺

i mean detective work + the possibility of romancing a killer what else can i say. the game simply has it all. 10/10.

Just finished the demo and I think it's the first time I enjoyed interacting with literally every LI from a big cast, they're all very interesting and I can't wait to know more of their secrets and unique personality traits 👀 I have a favorite though. Luca my beloved. His introduction with the flowers and the specific power dynamic between him and the MC (and the teasing due to it) were soooo good. Polite sweet bois who can cook >>>>

I loved basically every aspect of the demo but I was wondering, without getting into specific spoilers, will the MC have a proactive role within the mafia and the hierarchical system? I personally only enjoy this setting when the MC is somewhat ambitious as otherwise she tends to fall into the caretaker role and that's just not my cup of tea. Will be waiting for future updates :) 💗

FINALLY a romantic VN with explicit femdom and shy LIs, I've been praying for times like these 🙏🛐

I loved the teasing and sort of forbidden situation due to a specific moral education, and how the MC didn't hesitate to voice her wants or complaints whenever necessary. I particularly enjoyed Kyros' preview because dynamics where the female character is more experienced than the male character are SO uncommon! I firmly believe we need more LIs who blush and stutter while being intimate instead of randomly going ooc and turning into DomDaddy3000 🫡.

Romance aside I also found Ceri really interesting as a MC, I hope we get to see more of her past and personal hardships due to class differences. I think she has the potential to be a complex and layered character with the ability to bring some societal changes :)

soo how does one find a man like brandon exactly?? asking for a friend.

i loved the game, can't wait to see where it goes <3

hope zach recovers soon <3 take your time with the project guys!!

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i never go for the tsundere characters in otomes because they’re usually too aggresive, too cold or simply too annoying, but damn mark was the perfect mix of chaos, vulnerability and genuine affection. when the mc called him on his bs he actually did some introspection and improved instead of falling back into his old, self-destructive persona, and i think he had the best evolution out of the 4 LIs (also the way he’s the only one who truly tries to understand mc’s passion for otomes and buys a big collection to play with her.. ye i love him!!)

i picked his route last and he turned out to be my fave boy. that’s how you recognize a good visual novel!

talkin to claudin and my brain automatically playing big boy by sza

i’m a simple person, i see a blond guy who gives off that silly golden retriever energy and i fall in love

darryl's pointy ears being sensitive..... thank u for that.

that soft scene in the train with lillian and anton changed my brain chemistry actually. hope we get to see more of that nice gentlemanly side <3

send link if u post it i must see

i loved the demo so much omg also the song that plays when the queen first sees the MC, it’s so beautiful :o what’s the name of the track???

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Virion said it after arguing with the MC so I was wondering what it meant. Also “Saath dorei, N’hammel”

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zevran my beloved i mean virion my beloved <3

I loved the demo and I’m super curious about the character Rook so I was wondering if he could be potentially considered a romantic interest in the future 👀

druk my beloved.

i just need to know. very important question. are his horns sensitive

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ohhh thank you sm for sharing this info, i had no idea about the tumblr but i’ll definitely check it out!

i’m curious though, if the “true” ren is dominant, does that mean him subbing is just play pretend, like adopting that fake “haruko” personality? it’s probably because we don’t know much about him yet but i still don’t get if he genuinely enjoys being attentive and pleasing or it’s just a façade, or a mix of both maybe. such an interesting character for real :)

and i agree with u whiney men (especially with the yandere addition) are just 👌

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yeaaah! the sub part is definitely my personal taste but tbh ren’s personality is so intriguing and compelling that it’s hard not to love his soft dom attitude  😩 (also the +18 scene was so well written?!)

it would be nice to have both a sub and dom route but i don’t know if that would be “ooc” for him or too hard to program, so we’ll see how it turns out :)

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So I got the neutral ending on Cirrus and I liked the bit where the MC says they won't give up no matter what, so I'm curious; will there ever be a route with him where you can achieve your goal by lying and faking obedience, or your success is purely dependent on how genuinely submissive you are?

I'm asking this because although I didn't pursue the most obvious options with him, I really liked the idea of the MC still going through that process and adopting a manipulative personality to achieve their goal. 

By the way the plot is super intriguing and the character design is top tier so 10/10 tbh

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Already loving the premise and art design! I’d like to know though, does this game have a yandere love interest? I really enjoyed Love Me Not and how crazy all the LIs were :>

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a submissive n breedable yandere who doesn’t hesitate to moan?? yea sign me tf up !!

((spoilers ahead kinda))

for real though i loved ren’s personality and how you can never know if he's being honest and genuinely cute or just trying to win you over :'D also in some scenes he's somewhat dominant but not rude and that's the perfect balance to avoid making him plain annoying. it's hard to write a compelling yandere but ren seems to be a 10/10 so far!

and HELLOO the segment where you text/call him and hear his footsteps outside ur room was soooo creepy without the need to show anything explicit omggg I LOVED IT we need more scenes like that one 🛐

edit: i've been reading some comments regarding the MC and i'd like to say that i personally like their sort of "judgy" personality (i wouldn't even consider it that depending on how you act and the choices you make, since 2 comments don't define a whole personality) because it makes them seem more human to me. most of the otomes i've played had this sweet, compassionate and understanding MC who hardly complained or acted recklessly, and for me it's more realistic to maybe misjudge someone you don't fully know because of prejudices/fear, or to come off as rude when you don't intend to because you had a bad day, than to be constantly smiling and replying in a sweet manner, especially considering someone broke into your house and your mood mustn't be extremely positive.
like, there's this weird dude who is constantly staring at you, seems to fake his cute mannerisms and blurts out remarks that are out of line or very specific info that you never shared. ofc it's realistic to be like 'wtf leave me alone weirdo?' even if you don't completely know him or why he acts that way. maybe he's just extremely socially awkward but has good intentions. maybe not.
it would be bad if the MC was judgy ALL the time or sweet ALL the time, but i didn't get that impression while playing the demo. (also we need more MCs who are kinda weirded out by the creepy obsessive behavior but still attracted and dominant towards the yandere, so i welcome every "unpleasant" personality thank u very much)

Li is so pretty but tbh i just wanna fight him like 😭 give us the option to do it pls

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I'm a simple woman, I see an otome with a strong and dominant MC and cute shy LIs and I offer my soul to it

(spoiler ahead) Hirose best boy btw

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I open itch I profess my love for nightowl I close itch.
u can't just give me a character with a somewhat volatile personality caused by a lack of emotional support and low self-esteem and expect me not to fall in love w him hello!?

The way I loved literally every character in this game tho omg I hope we get to see xyx's route one day because I'm 101% sure it'll be as amazing as the other three

Just finished the demo, I really enjoyed Damien's yandere attitude! (spoilers ahead, I guess?) I hope Kaley is okay tho :( she seemed like a nice friend