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Void Calls

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I know! Very excited. It's really just something he's doing for fun, but I feel super lucky.

Thank you!

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Hey, thanks so much! Glad you had fun. Really excited to show what comes next in the story :)
Edit: Just watched the vid and posted it on our Facebook -- it looks like I need to put something attention-grabby to nudge players in the right direction in that third level! Noted feedback re: map... that might happen. Many ideas for future content. Thanks again for playing.

Hello! I'm Nate. 

I just published the current beta version of my game, Ectolibrium here:

Ectolibrium is a 2.5d platformer, although it plays pretty differently from any of those currently on the market. You play as a creature yanked from another dimension and dropped into an industrial wasteland full of other alien lifeforms. You leap and cling through the environment to find ectoplasm to power yourself up, allowing you to temporarily fly. You explore, interact with unique creatures and collect nutrient to sprout alien plants and sabotage force fields blocking your path. You trigger floods of ectoplasm, transforming the dead environment into a vibrant and flourishing alien ocean.

We want our gameworld to feel truly weird, with visuals drawing off tide-pools, deep sea life and and microorganisms. Only trace amounts of a more familiar world remain in this setting, buried beneath years of accumulated strangeness. 

Ectolibrium is coming out on Steam Early Access on January 1st. If you want a beta key to get more updates up until that point, email me at and/or join our Discrod server, here: