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Hells yeah!  Come to the stream this Saturday as I continue this awesome game on!

Uncensored, I hope...?

It's all good!  I have playthroughs of both GHV and Xenotake.  Loved BOTH of them!

Excellent!  Business of Loving will be on my next stream!  It won't be next Saturday, because I will be making my way home from traveling for work.  I'm aiming for January 27, so in touch!  Here's my profile!

Just paid double the price because I LOVE your content and art style!  If you want, I can stream your VN in the future?

Subscribestar is good stuff!  Gonna buy this in a few hours!

I plan on streaming your game this weekend!  If you have the time, come check it out!

Ohhhh, this looks GOOD!

Hells yeah!!

DEFINITELY gotta try this!

Can't wait for the release!!

Is it censored or is it just the pictures on the page?

That's true.

Heh, too lewd for Steam!

That's cool.  Luckily I have the Steam controller to help.  Speaking of which, any plans to upload on Steam?

Awesome lewd game!  When will you add controller support?

Perfecting awesomeness!!

Fuck yeahhh!!!

I think Newgrounds does something with older Flash games, but I can't remember what it is.  I think they have their own app or something similar...

Ohhh, this is lookin' LOVELY!!

DEFINITELY well deserved!!  Such a great VN and is always improving


How you turned an 84MB download into a 3GB folder is some Houdini shit!  Can't wait to play it!!

Oooooh!!  SNATCH!!

No arguments here!  If you can make it so that a titty pops out during the fights, EVEN BETTER!

Holy shit, this looks like Panel de Pon!  I might try this out!

Such an awesome VN!!  I love my pocket pussies(Lin, Ashley, Felicity) as well as my buxom beauties!  Love the progress you're making with this and I can't WAIT to get Ashley pregnant so she can stop asking about it! XD  Keep up the phenomenal work!  I will be finishing the previous version on Plexstorm soon..

Right on, brother!  Take your time, we will wait patiently for your awesomeness!!