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Ok, first of all, amazing game with great potential. Ship maintenance and management are its best gameplay elements. Could definitely play this for a long time even if its repetitive.

Biggest problem is the burning components (burning too fast after being replaced). Idk if its a bug or not but it needs to be solved because it basically deadends your play session.

Minor complaints are:

-burned parts too black to see (couldnt find the burnt fuse in the tutorial).

-navigation confusing as heck(took me a while to figure out how to change bearing and still dont completely understand autopilot).

-Max speed is pretty low and cuts the throttle off only sometimes, which confused me for a while.

-the grabbing/pulling mechanic is very difficult to control. A skyrim type grab might work better since it pulls things in front of you immediately.

Personally, I believe the navigation controls need to be redesigned to be intuitive and easier to handle, perhaps binded to the keyboard instead of the mouse while seated (the throttle lever is still pretty cool though).

Still pretty awesome game, cant wait to see what you turn this into (vr edition would rock). 

kisses, motivation and bug free blessings for you all

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can someone please give me a hint for the password?

castles are also pretty difficult to get before the first wave, maybe the first wave should be delayed a few more minutes.

Thanks for responding btw, I really like this game and I see a lot of potential.

Its impossible for me to make an airship factory before I get assaulted by a wave .

Even on the lowest difficulty setting I havent been able to fend off the first wave, the difficulty slider needs to influence the wave size.