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very fun

Cool game that jumpscare at the end got my ass lmfao 

super cool love the aesthetic


I don't understand your game. The directions at the end say to go up the long elevator and walk straight until you see that "light that feels off". I did so and I found the long path into the darkness then found a orb and talked to a guy about how high the cliff was. The directions say that you need to keep walking even though you just fall, die, and reset? Is there something I am not doing right? I want to play more of this game but the directions are just so unclear and don't really correspond to the game all that well.

I can't seem to download your game on my end. Next to Select nothing is available to choose the path for the game to be downloaded, whys this?

I don't have that problem. Do you have the desktop app to download and open the games?

Lmfao good one man 

what you said made no fuckin sense. could you rephrase what you said so its more clearer for me and other people to understand?

this game gives off yameii online / cyberpunk vibes

get better pc

aw ok :(

make a checkpoint plz

what are the controls besides arrow keys for movement.

Great camera angles and game scene however it lacked a lot of scare to it imo. Pretty lame game besides it looking nice

Ok thanks for the update Todd, I'll be waiting....


bro when will the full game be released ive been waiting a whileee

Won't let me open the game. It shows me the game file with file folder and rar file. Please help.

I finished this game and honestly, I have to say I really like this style and I LOVE the art and music you guys made for the game. It has a nice aesthetic and I really think this game is gun.

I was playing and wanted to change the settings  but I couldn't read the language so the game crashed and my cyber security said that the game files were trying to hack me and it was a high risk. Why did this happen????

Fun game!! I like the aesthetic and it runs so smooth! Great job :)

Lmao I like the art style of this game. My highest score was 11740

I really like the overall aesthetic and mechanics of the game. Maybe you should add a fullscreen option?

what are the pc requirements to run this game

Got it thanks

I've gotten the same ending a few times now, is this supposed to happen because the game is not fully out yet? 

Great game! Only thing I would say is bad about it is the aiming mechanics. I see that some of my shots go through the enemies and they don't always hit when they should be.

How the fuck do I find the god damn phone the room is pitch black.

I love the art work in this game!!! It looks so nice and I really hope there is more to this game! :)

Thank you!

sussy balls

I have the same problem too lmao