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Thank you! I agree, I would have liked to add some more details to make more explicit the timer and what you had to do. I'd like to make a small update to improve that and also add SFX and music, since it feels a little empty this way. 

The shader is from Sophie's Systems, Palutte is really cool and it helped me build the aesthetic of the game! All credits to her.

This is a really cool game! I liked the way you create your daughter with your choices and the art is beautiful. Looking forward to any updates!

I gave the monster pizza and that made them grow, then Saturday I gave them the apple and they turned back to being an egg. Not to feed them healthy food, noted 😎

Cute concept and dialogues, looking forward to the rest of the game!

So pretty! The clothes are so unique, I really enjoyed this

This was so fun! Catching the ingredients and brewing Pickles, would do again and again. 10/10. The art is really cohesive, the colors are so cool and everything just works together so well. Congrats! And congrats to Pickle for being best cat.

this was so cute and made me feel so cozy, thank you for making it!

Thank you! :-)

Dressing up as a begaydocrimer is always a good choice and I am adopting the term haha. Thanks for playing! 


😭💖y yo escribiéndolo maybe


Me encanta el estilo visual y se nota que ha sido un trabajazo, ¡qué pasada!

¡Muchas gracias! :)

That's so nice, thank you!