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This is some high praise for a game I made in a weekend. ^^ I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the aesthetic, I was very proud of that, and it'll be the style I'll be using in my next project. Though I'll be taking more time with the next one, so it won't be as short. 

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I don't believe it has anything to do on my end. 
Here's a link I found that might help you out. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Whether or not it was good is an opinion of aesthetic.  

I fall on the pure black side, as I felt like the fuzz bleeding over broke the illusion and was a little distracting.  However  I understand better  why you chose the other route. ^^ 

Regardless of how you swing in the future, I am excited to see what you do next. 

Oh? What was your intention with that? Why did you chose to let the noise spill over?

Good luck figuring out the resolution thing though. That's such a peculiar bug. 

I'm curious, are you forcing a resolution in this game? Cause no matter what I chose, it didn't seem to change the quality. 

In the 16:9 aspect ratio, the noise cuts into the sides, and I thought maybe running it 4:3 would help, but it did not. 

Regardless of that hiccup, the environment looked great. Lacked interaction, but it was still interesting to witness the events.

There's alot of boys chillin' in the graveyard, and alot of work left for yall to do. Solid base. Hope you guys polish it up.

Certainly interesting. Though best to avoid if you don't like first person platforming.

Well that's even more strange. Who knows why it didn't work for me.

That's quite possible, though I reset and tried it 3 times. 

It could have been something wrong with the browser and not the game.  I used Chrome.

Oh dear. Well I went back, the added controller support was the perfect fix for the controls.  

I didn't notice the eyes of the statue glow for a second when you pick up the crystal there.
The additional boss was nice extra content, although their screen clearing move was hard to discern. It took me a while to figure out why I was even dying. 

A little frustration is perfectly acceptable. It can even add to satisfaction of overcoming the challenge,  so long as the player is able to tell why they failed, learn from their mistakes, and feel their progression with each attempt. 

I'm happy to have played it, and again I can say, I'm super excited to see what you do next.  I love your content. 

The procedural generation of your game appeared to be really well done. 

This game had some great level design. The challenge curve was perfect.

This had nice art. ^^

This was a great entry in the Magical Girl Jam. I'm glad to see you're still doing great work!

Neat use of moving texts.

This game has such banging tunes. 

This is a challenging game. Good job!

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God this was such a good entry. I enjoyed that it worked with the controller as well.

I feel like I missed something in this entry.

You said it would be short, but I didn't expect it to be 'that' short. hah

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This was a cute entry.

I understand. You were using unity if I'm not mistook. The way the player controlled, it felt like you were using a rigidbody. However if you'd like to get a tighter feel to your game, I'd recommend using a player controller.

It'll take a little more time to figure out how, but you'll have more control over the jump arc, and the player controller doesn't have issues clipping through walls.

This is what I'd expect a light person shooter on the Gameboy to play like, great job!

I liked the recon bird, and the art choices were excellent, one of the best entries I played!

This game has everything going for it, but I was unable to make your first jump. I was very disappointed I couldn't do more.

Short, but a good display of your systems.

The art was so striking against all the green, I had high hopes.

I like the art style alot, its a shame this demo didn't have much else.

I feel the one hit death system was a bit tedious, and faster respawns and shorter levels would have made this game alot better.

You got alot to learn, but for your first released game, it certainly functions. The HUD moving with you was strange, and I feel the background hides the goals, still, with more practice I'm sure you can do better next time!

Out of all the games that had one hit kills, I feel this one was the only one that did it right.  Good Job. I'm sorry the footage didn't come out right. (or at all on this one).

The Gameboy is cool, but does it run DOOM?  It does now. 

This was great! I loved the strategy involved. I'd love more, though the current iteration seems to have a limit in potential. 

There is winning, only survival. Took me a second to get to grips on how to play. Had alot of potential. This game ramps up to insane levels of bullets.

I couldn't get very far into your game. There was an enemy I got stuck on before the game crashed.

I beat it in a minute and I was so sad cause it was so fun!

This game has a good difficulty curve!

This game has alot of good qualities, however my enjoyment was soured by the controls.

Is there a way to win, or is it all about that loop, I felt like I tried it all, but regardless of completion, it was enjoyable.

I tried your game out, Its a really good first game! Keep going and I'm sure you could do even more.