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Strange. Thank you for letting me know. Updated it. 

No.  The sub theme is just to help inspire you. If you have other ideas for a game that is 2 minutes or less, go for it.

I'm not really sure what you're asking.

2 minute loops to progress a larger game go against the theme.  The idea with the jam is to tell a story as short as possible. 
A "For Sale : Baby shoes, never worn." "Lost Dog : never found" type deal.

You can implement additional gameplay like new items and areas outside your core 2 minutes, but those 2 minutes should be considered a complete EXP without a replay.

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Yeah, so long as your main experience is 2 minutes or less, adding a bonus mode without the limit is fine.

The jam lasts for 2 months. From March 15th to May 15. 
The idea is that making such a small game over such a long period should keep everyone from needing to crunch.

Premade assets was more in reference to the tools you've got on your belt already, like I often use the same text reader script and pine tree sprite I made 5 years ago in every game cause they're well made. 
However, I'm not going to remove your game from the jam just because you decided to start working a day early. It's not that serious.

I think additional ends or game play modifiers would be okay to have so long as the core experience is 2 minutes.

Do you have the most current build?

We are. It's coming soon along with the ending, will be ready before their days arrive. Apologies to those who choose to be naughty. 

Just me caked up on a Tuesday afternoon.

I've got a few of their games in my Steam Backlog, this comparison may be the push to get me to finally try those out.

There are clickable links for everyone's socials on their credits page in the launcher, but it wouldn't hurt to add them to this page outside the launcher. Will do when I find some time.

I thought that reference was more like a dev, hey I worked on this, not shared universe. Cool to know what is going on down on earth. Though, spoilers, I don't think I'd call it peace.

I may be late if you already jumped in and figured this out yourself, but each day has a data sheet that has which devs worked on what, and usually even a button to open up their twitter or other social media of choice to follow.

Unfortunately the original Dev had a severe mental health dip which was made worse by missing the launch deadline.

It was agreed it would be better for them to take care of themselves then push to possibly complete their game before their day.

And in turn, I whipped up what's currently day 16 in a couple days as a replacement.  

Make sure you have the most up to date version.

Do you have the most current version?

Oh, also the reason for the update at all is because the dev who originally had the day was unfortunately no longer able to complete their entry.

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Our apologies, in the middle of updating it. Updating the info in the launcher requires more time than the EXEs.
The game itself was also glitched, the get out text shouldn't be up at spawn.

It should be fixed in the next 12 hours.

Nothing else really like this. Pretty and unique. Does what it wants to do well.
It gets better once you realize you're just looking for time stamps, and the camera movement is just to get a better look. Cause at first you're not sure if you're gonna have to pixel hunt or what even you're looking for. 

Happened to me too. But I managed to get out of it by resizing the window. My guess is that when the game takes control, you have it let go when it reaches its destination, but for some reason it doesn't in full screen. You can't turn or move forward while it's locked.

Overall, game's pretty rough, but I liked the final moments where you see all the other desperate last moments frozen in time. 

Ah, well that's super weak. 

I was thinking a camper wouldn't go from Healthy to Dead because of how unfair that would feel to a player. 

Still, jam games aren't known for their balance. ^^ And it was a very cool core otherwise. 

This was neat overall. Loved the simple graphics and colors. 
Small gltiches like the mouse dissapearing when you have to choose who to feed. or after some actions randomly.

Only complaint was my abrupt end. 

Had 7 people. All healthy, only previous gaurd exhausted, nourished.

28 wood 19 food 4 medicine. Someone on guard. I don't think you can do 2, it wouldn't let me earlier so I figured you just can't.

But all the campers died? Does this happen regardless after so many days? Or did I just get the shittiest RNG?

Oof, you know honestly? I haven't meaningfully touched it since I got covid a few months ago. 

Every time I try to pick it back up, I get overwhelmed because of how messy the project is. I think it's time to admit that I won't be finishing this as it is. 

I'm not giving up on PIC as a concept, I love the characters, but I'm gonna refresh myself and make something more true to my original vision, before I stripped it down in hopes I'd finish it in time for the game jam. 

This game is very hard, but doesn't feel impossible. Just asks for more percision and patience than I have. Could barely make it through a level normally, don't ask me to collect everything too. 

Feels very faithful to its Crash 1 inspiration. 

Technical issue I had was the joystick dead zone was a little too small for my Switch Pro Controller, so menu navigation was frustrating. And in game if I let go of the joystick the character would face the camera, inching every so slightly towards it. 

I also like the alt costumes. Fun calls to others.

If its within your means,, you can always leave a tip. ^^

Though your kind words alone are appreciated greatly. 

The final release will be alot less buggy. 

Fast forwarding in the rain caused the crashes. They're fixed in my current build. 

I hope you found it cute and interesting enough to try again when it's done. ^^ 

So far what I've deduced is that the bug occurs with AMD GPUs, but not ALL of them.  Thank you for trying another computer. I'm sorry all of them are AMD. 

I'll continue to try and figure out the issue. My current theory is that AMD isn't playing nice with the Render Texture perhaps. Since to my knowledge, everyone can see up to the title screen fine, which isn't being sent to a render texture. 

The only thing that makes me uncertain that's the case is that I never got any complaints about "Become Prey 2" only showing a black screen even though it's using a similar method. 

The only difference is that I added a second RenderTexture so the text also looked crunchy. 

I need to find someone with this issue that I can send some builds to and try and hone in on the bug.

Thank you for letting me know. Fast forwarding in the rain has already been fixed for the complete product.

Is your GPU AMD?

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I wonder what that error was. It may have been a clue. 

Unfortunately, I don't think its an issue with the game build. It may be a driver issue or something. If you have other hardware, give it a try on that. Else it's a guessing game to what isn't playing nice.

They said the loading screen, do you mean... is it happening after the Unity Splash, or the proper loading screen where it says "Ready"

Cause I read online there can be issues with unity's video player not showing video but playing audio. 

AH! Spit! I should post the controls. There was a fast forward the whole time. There's even a rewind. 

I've heard this problem once before, but my only guess with them was their laptop was old. I'll try and troubleshoot it best I can, but I really don't know why that happens.

I'm very happy to hear people are connecting with the characters! I had such anxiety over it, cause they're really the crux of the whole game.

I definitely started sprinting to make the Jam's deadline. But now I can work on it at my own pace. ^^ 

I'll try not to keep everyone waiting too long though. 

Thank you for pointing out the video! I really enjoyed watching and seeing all those comments. ^//^

Thank you for playing through, and leaving your thoughts! I'm glad you like it, and I'm happy to hear you were able to connect with the characters. I had alot of anxiety over the writing.

Hm... a scene select... I could give it a shot with a final build.

^///^ Yeah, it's pretty obvious I started running out of time for the jam. The 1st scene is the only one I polished at all, and that's how I want the rest of it to look when it's done.

Thank you.

I totally understand. ^^ Unfortunately, I don't currently have a good timeline for when this will be completed. All I know is that I don't want to work on it for too long, so I'm aiming to finish by the end of the year, and I'll reassess from there.

I didn't take it badly. Your frustration was very valid, and has been shared by many.  I feel it's a failure on my part as the dev that you weren't able to get both endings. I didn't convey at all that head shots do double damage, and conveying info like that will certainly be something I'm more midful of in future projects. 

The game has your progress saved, so if you're itching to see the A ending for personal curiosity,  armed with the knowledge to aim for the head, you should be able to beat them!