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The final release will be alot less buggy. 

Fast forwarding in the rain caused the crashes. They're fixed in my current build. 

I hope you found it cute and interesting enough to try again when it's done. ^^ 

So far what I've deduced is that the bug occurs with AMD GPUs, but not ALL of them.  Thank you for trying another computer. I'm sorry all of them are AMD. 

I'll continue to try and figure out the issue. My current theory is that AMD isn't playing nice with the Render Texture perhaps. Since to my knowledge, everyone can see up to the title screen fine, which isn't being sent to a render texture. 

The only thing that makes me uncertain that's the case is that I never got any complaints about "Become Prey 2" only showing a black screen even though it's using a similar method. 

The only difference is that I added a second RenderTexture so the text also looked crunchy. 

I need to find someone with this issue that I can send some builds to and try and hone in on the bug.

Thank you for letting me know. Fast forwarding in the rain has already been fixed for the complete product.

Is your GPU AMD?

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I wonder what that error was. It may have been a clue. 

Unfortunately, I don't think its an issue with the game build. It may be a driver issue or something. If you have other hardware, give it a try on that. Else it's a guessing game to what isn't playing nice.

They said the loading screen, do you mean... is it happening after the Unity Splash, or the proper loading screen where it says "Ready"

Cause I read online there can be issues with unity's video player not showing video but playing audio. 

AH! Spit! I should post the controls. There was a fast forward the whole time. There's even a rewind. 

I've heard this problem once before, but my only guess with them was their laptop was old. I'll try and troubleshoot it best I can, but I really don't know why that happens.

I'm very happy to hear people are connecting with the characters! I had such anxiety over it, cause they're really the crux of the whole game.

I definitely started sprinting to make the Jam's deadline. But now I can work on it at my own pace. ^^ 

I'll try not to keep everyone waiting too long though. 

Thank you for pointing out the video! I really enjoyed watching and seeing all those comments. ^//^

Thank you for playing through, and leaving your thoughts! I'm glad you like it, and I'm happy to hear you were able to connect with the characters. I had alot of anxiety over the writing.

Hm... a scene select... I could give it a shot with a final build.

^///^ Yeah, it's pretty obvious I started running out of time for the jam. The 1st scene is the only one I polished at all, and that's how I want the rest of it to look when it's done.

Thank you.

I totally understand. ^^ Unfortunately, I don't currently have a good timeline for when this will be completed. All I know is that I don't want to work on it for too long, so I'm aiming to finish by the end of the year, and I'll reassess from there.

I didn't take it badly. Your frustration was very valid, and has been shared by many.  I feel it's a failure on my part as the dev that you weren't able to get both endings. I didn't convey at all that head shots do double damage, and conveying info like that will certainly be something I'm more midful of in future projects. 

The game has your progress saved, so if you're itching to see the A ending for personal curiosity,  armed with the knowledge to aim for the head, you should be able to beat them! 

Made with Godot? Neat. My only issue so far is that is crashes pretty often. Once after I completed the ritual, and once when the final door opened. 
Unlike most crashes that make a thing of it, this game just closed out, and I almost thought that was just how the demo ended. 
Which was very dissapointing at the first one.  The second only cause I missed the final cutscene before the credits.
Thankfull the auto save meant I didn't have alot of catch up to do, but hopefully the final product doesn't crash at all. 

While this game wasn't my jam, I can really appreciate the effort that went into this. Like it is a really cool throw back to text adventures. 

My biggest issue is that I'm dyslexic and reading under pressure is awful. The high lighting of key words was a big plus. 

Unfortunately, I also couldn't  understand the directional system for movement.  Sometimes it felt like it was based on the direction you were facing, and sometimes the compass? And if you picked the wrong direction it would take you back where you came from, which often landed me in the monster's claws. 

Still, in spite of my own inablilty to play this, you did a great job!

A step up from DUE. I didn't break the game not once. I felt the level design guided me through alot better this time. 

The little intro screens were a fun addition, really sets the mood. 

I also enjoyed the little Crash Demo alot. 

I'm glad I didn't really look at the screen shots before playing cause the shift into horror was really jarring in good way. 

I did find the game play to be tougher in the shift. But not so much I gave up.

The ending was also super unexpected. 

Overall, I don't feel it fit the hunt theme of the jam well, but it absolutely blew haunt out of the water. Good job!

I really liked the intro cutscene. It was more than I expected from a jam game. 

 If you're planning to go forward and do more with this game, I'd recommend working on the aiming / combat. 

The laser sight would be going through an enemy, yet when I shot it wouldn't hit. I became very frustrated. 

It's great to hear you enjoyed it!  

I hope you look forward to whatever comes next as much as I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. ^^

That is correct. I put it in the description just for you, friend. ^^

I'm absolutely ecstatic over this comment. It's pretty much exactly how I hoped it would be received. Thank you!

I was worried that no one would want to put the time in to get ending A. I'm very happy to hear I was wrong. ^^

I had the Barbara launch happen to me once or twice while testing, and noticed alot of the other hiccups you mentioned, but the fixes weren't obvious, and they didn't break the game, so it ships! 

As for the future of the series, I do think there will a BP3 eventually, as there are still alot of things I want to do with the IP, but for now I'm going to work on something else. 

Thank you for the kind words and valid criticism.

Oh! That's a good point. Thank you for pointing that out, it absolutely slipped my mind.

Is it intentional to not be able to look around? I tried the mouse, a joystick, and every button on my keyboard but I can't turn the player character.

Thank you! for the kind words.

I considered the monster's swinging at you with their BIG... MEATY.... CLAWS! as a form Violence.  And the monster's intestines are showing which is a form of blood and gore. (Though I get how that's abstracted when everything is green) But I do agree that it isn't much which is why I gave it a T rating rather than M. 

Also, there is only one ending.  I'd say I didn't have time during the jam, but really I just didn't consider it for this project. The next one perhaps. ^^

I spent a bunch of time resetting trying to get all the items to spawn, thinking I had to craft the bullet myself with the screw, the black powder, and what I thought was a bullet casing but turned out to be a bullet.

Over all it was great. I liked that there were puzzles to solve, and multiple ways to solve them. 

I loved the look and atmoshpere. Very Silent Hill.

Less fond of the one hit kill enemies coupled with a short draw distance and no strafing. 

1) After a bit of climbing up I drop onto this struct jutting out from the first tower.

2) Following it to its end there is a color change. (Is this the pipe section?)

3) Climbing that, I stay left until I come up to another support beam going into a building.

4) I take that all the way to the top where and then slide down a little onto a slope that goes on for quite a while before suddenly coming to an end, where I fell off and with no bottom to land on, continued to fall until I quit the game. 

I got lost and fell off the edge of the world.  Otherwise I really like the climbing mechanic. 

Heck yeck. Thank you for the video!

This is a complete experience and will not be receiving any updates..  However I plan to expand upon the concept in a second title for the Haunted Hunt Jam over the next 2 weeks. 

I'm uncertain.  And don't know how to check. 
When building for Mac, unlike windows, I don't get an option between 32 and 64 bit. That's very strange, and an awful design flaw. on both Apple's and Unity's part.  

Thank you. I appreciate your words of praise. ^^

It should work. From what I've read Catalina has a guardian system that won't let unauthorized apps run. You should be able to look up a way to circumvent that on your end. There isn't much I can do from mine. My Apologies.

I'm glad to hear it! Thank you for letting me know, and thank you for the praise.

I appreciate the video.

That's very strange. Could you perhaps screenshot it so I can see exactly what's happening?

Thank you for posting the video so I could watch it.

Woof, this game is so broken.

I didnt program to end dialogue when you look away from an object and so when you kept moving away before reading them all the way through it broke the triggers.

It was pure luck Teddy even spawned at all.