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Hello Pon,

Thank you for helping us make Vizzcode better!

We'll definitely take a closer look at the things you said and how we can improve Vizzcode :)

Best regards,


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Hello Pon,

Thank you so much for the feeback! 

Regarding the Mac problem, unfortunately, we don't have support for mac users. The font resolution problem, might also be because you are using Mac os. We have developed this version of Vizzcode especially for Windows, so we can't guarantee any support for the other operating systems. I hope you understand :)

Best regards,


I'm so glad you liked it! :D

What is Vizzcode?

Vizzcode is a development environment designed to help you learn and improve your programming skills.

You will use the first programming language that allows you to program interchangeably with Visual and Text-based coding in real time!

Vizzcode's website:

Vizzcode's page:


- Program with Visual nodes and Text code interchangeably.

- Learn from several sources: tutorials, guides, videos, documents, examples, exercises and more.

- Create everything from simple "Hello, World!" programs all the way to amazing video games. All that with the most student-friendly programming language.

- Share your creations with the world! The programs you code in Vizzcode are real programs! Share, publish, distribute and even sell them however you want! Your users won't get the source code nor will they need Vizzcode to run it.

Why did we create Vizzcode?

The world of programming is huge and filled with incredible possibilities for people to give life to their imagination. However, to get to the good stuff, most beginners have to slog through terrible tools, contradictory documentation and an overwhelming number of options.

To solve this problem, we decided to create Vizzcode: a development environment focused on helping people to learn programming and to develop their skills.

To make Vizzcode the best option to learn programming, we combined Visual Programming (already used in beginner tools like Scratch or in game engines like Unreal Engine) with Text code (the way professional developers program).

Visual programming has shown its value for introducing people to programming but there is still a huge leap from connecting blocks in a friendly tool to typing text in a big and convoluted IDE.

Vizzcode makes this transition seamless by generating the Text code as the user creates the Visual nodes; but also allow the user to type text and have the blocks be generated for them. This way, they get the best of both tools: Visual programming to start learning and Text to expand and easily traverse bigger programs, all that at the same time!