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Vacuum is a minimalist game about harvesting colourful nebulae to grow a newly born star. Comets are drawn in by its gravity, and their icy chill will extinguish such a small solar object. Gain critical mass to complete the cycle

A pet zapping simulator.

Welcome to the zappery, where you can zap each of your pets once per day!

Bonsai Net is a collection of website hubs and communities that aren’t Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. It takes the form of a branching tree that grows as you navigate it, where each branch is a category and each flower is a link to a webpage.

great, thanks! think that's where i got the list from. are there any others in that section that don't work?

haha yeah it is a bit of an issue but also that's such a coincidence!

ohno. not the kaomoji ( ; ω ; ) can i ask which os and browser are you using?

lol nice! you were so close to the end tho, think there's 27 levels if i remember right

aw thanks! :)


aw yay thanks glad it was easy to pick up!

thanks! yeah getting rid of those pesky 50/50s are beyond my level of programming. think the update was just an update to the page or something boring like that

Aw I'm so glad you like it <3

Kelpie is an exploration puzzle game about a mythical horse, redemption, and helping lost souls find peace. Discover an endless Otherworld inspired by Scottish folklore.

(It's basically open world inverse minesweeper where you walk around and mines are good)

cheers for the offer to help joe. will get back to you if id do decide to go for it. thanks!

hiya. just seen your comments. thanks for your continued interest! i'm afraid i haven't had the time and motivation to rewrite all the code in lua. been focusing on putting out new games. maybe if there were more than a handful of people voicing their interest, that might drive me to port it over. also, i don't acutally own a playdate as i sadly don't have the money for it. i made quo for a friend who was super excited about getting a playdate. will check out uzu! one of my favourites on ios is knot fun, a knot untying toy

nice one!

You’re hosting a party, and you’re really on edge because… you’re hosting a party. But you see people who’ve never met each other before tonight getting along (thanks to you) and you remember that that’s why you decided to do this.

A card game about hosting a party, played with a standard deck of playing cards.

Props is a plant propagation simulator that grows slowly over the space of a day. More of a screensaver than a game.

Mushscrewm is a tiny interactive dreamscape made in the space of an evening

Aw thanks! The last one you made came out really well :)

Ceramic Flux is a ceramics glazing simulator all about the surprise and delight of experimentation.