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What I am looking for is here, a first-person shooter game. I am a fan of io games and so happy to be here.  Is this game available on FREEGAMES66? I used to play games on this site.

If only I could get many bitcoins in my real life  as in this game. My friend told me to share this clicker game on because he also like it.

Why don't you change the theme of your site. I know it is suitle with the content but it is so hard to view it.  Perhaps, I should visit Freegames66 to play it. There are many other clicker games there.

The objective of Loot Box Clicker is to let you get that sweet feeling of surprise and excitement you get from opening up a mystery box... without actually being taken advantage of. This is a simple (and relatively short) clicker game where you increase your production by finding equipment in loot boxes, which allows you to get more currency to buy better loot boxes. You can find this game on FREEGAMES66

The same problem. I get black screen. Can I download it? Does Freegames66 have this game? I played so many clicker games on this site and it is really smooth.

I played this game 2 years ago on freegames66 but I think Super Mario 63 is the most difficult game I have ever tried.