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As mentioned in the store page. You only get the following images. It does not include the software. 

Get instant access to the Stella Generator sideview sprites at their current stage in development. Currently includes:
  • Fully animated base sheets for Male/Female sprites
  • 6 Clothing Top for Female
  • 8 Clothing Bottom for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Female
  • 9 Front Hair for Female
  • 2 Glasses for Female
  • 4 Hats for Female
  • 4 Socks for Female
  • 8 Shoes for Female
  • 8 Rear Hair for Male
  • 9 Front Hair for Male

We are so sorry for the delay on updates. There is definitely going to be more parts  featuring children. We have planned different body types but we're still discussing if it's something we can maintain.

We are doing parts updates but it probably won't be with the base generator but as DLC. We will see how our team can handle it. 

Hello!  Please check this:

Hi, it works with MZ. They have the same tileset settings.

We don't sell it for MZ Steam .

It's not the same pack, have you checked the screenshots? :)

It doesn't work that way. You need to  either use pictures or a  bust plugin.

Hello. Please read the EULA provided in the sample project.

  • You cannot use the tiles in the project without a commercial license. We are not providing it yet as of the moment.
  • You can edit Stella Character Generator images as long as you mention that you are using VisuStella Stella Character  Generator in the credits and not pretending you made it from scratch..

Our Sprites already work with rpgmaker. Our tiles are 48x48 :)

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Hello, yes it should. You might need to adjust the assets a bit.

Hi @GalacticGod

That is strange...  We're about to update our EULAS and packs so we'll definitely look into it. We're sorry for the inconvenience!

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VisuStella videos should have sections where it shows big icons I believe!

Hi, they're icons but if you resize they could technically work as battle weapons and rotate them to do animations. But some of them have different angles so it might not work.

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Hello :>

There is a tutorial on how to add new parts in the manual.

No, it doesn't.

@binogamer, we'll work on adding a  PSD file :)

This shouldn't be the case at all. Are you using Tiled 1.0.3?

Hi there! Per the EULA:

4.1 The Product is not to be changed, altered or edited in any form. The User may make changes to
the Product but only for usage within the User's personal projects, including games, media, and
related projects. Redistributing and/or selling an edited version of the Product is strictly forbidden.
Edits and alterations made to the Product cannot be the target of commissions, crowdfunding,
and/or monetary gain.

You may edit the tiles but only for use in your own projects. They may not be distributed to anyone else.

Any other artists or commissioners must own a commercial license of the product in order to edit it.

Hope this helps!

You can test it out. We don't officially support other plugins but people have reported Luna works fine with most plugins.

It's going to be a completely different product for the MZ version. They changed the way menus work.

The templates are the base project and the sideview project included with your luna engine download. There's also an indepth wiki in our site and the PDF file.

Modern City 1 and 2 are two different packs with different assets in them, so we wouldn't be able to add the MC1 updates to the MC2 pack, unfortunately.

Hi there,

Unfortunately the licenses from RPG Maker Web and are two different products. As the RMWeb version is an RPG Maker only license that takes cuts for Degica, KDKW and Steam, and is also cheaper than the version, it is a separately published product that provides us with less revenue. Therefore the version of the product provides more benefits to the user such as being engine-free and receiving updates, in order to encourage users to buy their license directly through ourselves.

Sadly this means they are technically separate products, and the RMWeb version does not receive the same updates as the license. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes you. 

These tiles come with a sample project for both MV and MZ. :>

Thank you <3

We're under all rights reserved.

Oh no their label is confusing it just means that if you buy from RPG Maker Web, it's commercial use and rpg maker only. But if you buy from us directly, it's open to all engines. It's a known issue from the site :(

All our assets are commercial friendly C:

We'll talk about it with Sherman!

Yes C:

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Hi there! It's listed over here in the store page :)

You can attempt to use the tiles for other game engines but the tiles might not fit. 

You may edit as necessary.