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It's something we're considering but since we're a small team our updates aren't the fastest.

Commercial use as long as it's for games and not editing/reselling/expanding on it without our permission is ok. We do not waive our copyright.

It can be used in MZ as is.

I love your aesthetics so much. Definitely my style <3
If you can please join the discord server. This is an RPG Maker issue and not a stella issue.

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We don't have support for vehicles.

There is a guide here with the documentation but we can make a more updated one if necessary. :)

There is already sideview characters

Thank you!

Thank you!

Oops! thanks for calling it out!

Hi @garfeng Thank you! The script we provided also does it by bulk too just in case for people who didn't know.

Please visit the discord. It's in our profile.

1. You can modify it, no problem. As long as it's a game and it's not a major selling point (e.g. reselling).

2. They will always be standing. We're still discussing how to add multiple poses. So far there is 2!

Hi there! I recommend this tutorial :)

It's something we have on the feature roadmap if it's possible with our current setup!

Thank you!

Yes! we're planning to streamline that process :D

As far as I know we don't support that feature of tiled.

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@GalacticGod the sample maps are made in Tiled and the files are included. The MZ version has no sample maps and instead just tile collisions. We made sure to state it in content section as clearly as we could! 

Because of how the tilesets are made, their size and RPG Maker's Tilesheet limitations, you need to customize them to make them look whatever you want in RPG Maker MZ. Tiled has at least 12-13 tilesheets max (for RPG Maker) that changing tiles around to add bigger elements of the tilesheet is not necessary.

For Stella? Yes you always can. We're just making it clearer. As long as you bought it (and didn't refund) the license is automatic.


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Battle animations are only sideview as seen in the final screenshot :)

Ahhh this is so cute!

Thanks for these! Saves me a lot of time from creating the rest of the tools I need <3

It will depend on how much sales happen!

This tool is amazing but are there any plans to add alpha support?


By default, the sprites will work with RPG Maker. Just make sure to add a "$" sign on the walking character graphics. The Sideview Battlers should work without changes. You might need to adjust the weapon handling but we don't provide tech support for that.

Yes you can use them in any game engine. So far we only have 2 poses. We are still unsure if we can provide support for more than that.

Please download the old version, grab the resources you need and replace the one in the new version. It was an error on our part.

It would depend on the engine and script you are using and is outside of Stella Character Generator support.

We made a mistake and we're sorry! For now, to use the 16x16 it might be better to use the old generator. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello!  The sideview sprites are already released :)


Hi, we're not making any RPG Maker specific assets. 
Our sprites are 72x72.