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Thank you very much for taking the time time to write such a detailed review.

Your impressions are, of course, perfectly valid. Yet, allow me to make one small objection in regard to your last point:

The fact that, intradiegetically, Carmilla (or any vampire) is fully materialized is of no consequence to an allegorical interpretation by an extradiegetic editor.

I'm glad you still liked it.

Thank you, Crazypreacher.

As a matter of fact, choices are very much "part of my vision". Carmilla was my first project, though, intended as a practice and I tried to keep it simple. The following games will have choices and different endings, as they are important to my main theme which is dogmatism.

If you are familiar with Gothic Novels then you may have noticed that Heselius, his love for Swedenborg, and mind-body dualism are frequently ignored by academic reviewers. I therefore ended up emphasizing those points.

I also wanted to target people interested in literature but unaware of all those hidden gems that have so heavily influenced the visual novel medium.

Thank you very much! 

I have hardly received any feedback, so it really means a lot.

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It's kinetic. 

You can't mess up Carmilla's love for you 😀.