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Yes, I thought about the Vordenburg-Swedenborg similarity, too! Perhaps you could see it this way: I robbed (or shall I say "spared"?) readers of their Vordenburg experience, but included parts of the younger "In a Glass Darkly" that pertained to Swedenborg. Perhaps LeFanu did allude to him in form of the Baron and later decided to be more explicit by introducing Heselius, Swedenborg admirer and recipient of Laura's narrative.

PS: I was often tempted to fix some of LeFanu's more blatant literary shortcomings, like using the same adjective five times in a row, but that would have opened a can of worms I couldn't have measured up to.

That's fair. Again, I don't disagree with your choices, I just think it's important for people to know this isn't 100% the original text.

And goodness, that'd be...quite the laborious undertaking. I think it was a good decision that you didn't. I could easily see trying to edit all that text adding 5-6 months of dev time minimal just trying to work through all that. You'd probably been better off just rewriting the novella yourself at that point! XD