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We are working in the other body types

Now works, it is updated, It exports to the deskstop.

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Hi, can you contact in Thanks!

Nice idea, i could make compositions with lots of small previews or watermaked ones.

Awesome! thanks for telling me to share it :)

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Thanks, yes! First a couple of clothes, hairs, accesories and more expressions for the male character, in the future more poses.

Female and male body. With 5 body colors, hair and expression variations. Perfect for visual novels, dating sims, etc.

Store link: 

You don´t need any Photoshop or gimp knowledge, just open the exe and customize your character.

Just customize your character, export and its a game ready png with transparency.


  • School uniform
  • Kimono
  • Mecha suit
  • Tuxedo
  • Casual
  • Sportwear
  • Sport uniform
  • Many more.

Perfect :), going to check it out. !

Hope you like the assets.

Hi, yes, it includes both, soon we are going to release the second one separate like, a 130 and a 170 image bundle. But this has it all, also we have one with characters and music if you want to see. 

Hi yes, iit has the other 130 images, but we are releasing soon with (with a lower price) just the second image bundle without the first one.

Yes, almost all the people pay with PayPal. If there is any problem let me know.

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Hi, yes, you can ask for and I will reply faster. :)

You are welcome, glad you liked them. :) 

Hi, yes, all of them :)

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A big Backgrounds bundle pack available to visual novel creators. They are perfect for life/school romance, but can be used for any other genre.

This backgrounds pack contains over 45 backgrounds, most of them with 3 background variations (Day, noon, night) so they are more than 130 background images.

Size:  2206x1241

All backgrounds are in a jpg format. 

you can check out here